The Speech the Republican Nominee Should Give

So we are now 1 year and 1 day from Election Day 2012.  In honor of this, I propose a way of framing the 2012 presidential election that I think would be very effective for the Republican nominee (whoever it turns out to be) to employ.  I just threw this together tonight, so I suspect there is room for improvement.  If you want to do some further research, the document I refer to can be found here.  Let me know what you think!


The other day, I was reading some old political documents.  Among them was something I found fascinating: the Democratic Party’s Platform in 1960.  What was so interesting is that the majority of the positions laid out in that document were thoughtful and intelligent positions that I believe most Americans, be they Republicans, Democrats, or independents, would agree with.  Unfortunately, based on his actions in 3 years as president, it seems clear that one person who would not agree with this document is President Obama.  Allow me to give some examples to illustrate my point.

In the Democratic Party Platform of 1960, the authors, with some justification, criticized the Republicans of the 1950s on the grounds that they “ have failed to balance the budget or reduce the national debt”.  They were debt hawks who lamented the negative aspects of increasing debt, especially how debt now leads to “useless higher interest later.” Given that these Democrats were horrified about the “deficit of nearly $19 billion” accumulated under President Eisenhower in 7.5 years, one can only imagine how disgusted they would be that President Obama has made America bear the burden of 4 trillion dollars of new debt in just 3 years.

The 1960s Democrats were also a pro-growth party.  So needless to say, they would have been appalled by how poorly the US economy has performed over the last 3 years.  They put in their platform that “We Democrats believe that our economy can and must grow at an average rate of 5% annually”.  To say Obama failed this test would be an understatement.  Our real GDP in 2011 is currently projected to be less than that of 2008 before Obama took office.  The Democrats of 1960s demanded growth of 5% per year, but under President Obama, we have had negative growth over a 3 year period.  Truly, this is a failure of epic proportions.

The Democratic Platform of 1960 also criticized Republicans for high unemployment.  They lamented that under the Eisenhower administration, “unemployment has been between 5 and 7.5% of the labor force”.  Yet again, Obama has fared much worse:  unemployment shot up in 2009 and has hovered right around 9% for all of 2011.  The Democratic Platform clearly states unemployment should be kept to a minimum, yet under Obama, unemployment has reached some of the highest levels America has seen in decades.

As poorly as Obama measures up to the Democratic platform on economic issues, he does no better on matters of foreign policy. In the 1960s platform, the Democrats state: “If America is to work effectively for such a peace, we must first restore our national strength-military, political, economic, and moral.”  President Obama has failed on all these counts.  By pushing for significant defense cuts, Obama’s policies threaten our military strength.  By turning our backs on our allies in Eastern Europe and Israel, Obama has weakened our political strength around the globe.  And by failing to honor our promises in Iraq and pulling out sooner than we said we would for largely political reasons, Obama has reduced our moral strength.

Another interesting point of comparison: Democrats in 1960 were very direct about the great evil of their day:  communism.  They write that capitalism and communism represent: “two radically different approaches to the meaning of life—our open society which places its highest value upon individual dignity, and your closed society in which the rights of men are sacrificed to the state.  We believe your Communist ideology to be sterile, unsound, and doomed to failure. We believe that your children will reject the intellectual prison in which you seek to confine them, and that ultimately they will choose the eternal principles of freedom.”  Notice how direct they are about the differences between America and the communists. It is interesting to contrast this direct language with how Obama and other contemporary Democrats speak about the great evil of our day:  Islamic terrorism. Rudy Giuliani correctly noted that in the Democratic presidential debates of 2008, “Islamic terrorism” was rarely if ever mentioned by name and this pattern has continued in the Obama administration.  This hyper-politically-correct view of elevating a desire to not offend over truth was one of the causes the Fort Hood massacre that resulted in the deaths of 13 US soldiers.  The Democrats of 1960 clearly believe that the President of the United States ought to plainly and directly state the differences between freedom-loving Americans and our enemies, and this constitutes yet another area where Obama has failed as president.

In summary, the Democratic Party has changed a great deal over the past 51 years.  What was once a party preoccupied with keeping America strong and growing her economy has transformed into a party where economic growth is trumped by a desire to “spread the wealth around” and where America is not special, but rather just one of many nations.  To this point, Obama recently stated: “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism”.  In other words, he doesn’t.

I believe America is an exceptional nation.  I believe in the wonderful values America stands for:  life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  I believe the world is a better place with a strong America and we need to take action grow our economy in order to remain strong.

If you also believe these things with me and with the Democrats of 1960, I ask for your vote on November 6th. Thank you, and God bless America.



  1. J. Strupp says:

    Seems like a typical Republican speech to me.

    Democrats are communists who spend too much money, create too few jobs and are weak on defense.

    Meanwhile the last 3 Republican Presidents have generated about 60% of our total debt with very little job creation, GDP growth, real wage growth for middle class Americans and involved in multiple wars at a cost in the trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives.

    Obama is a complete mess no doubt, but middle class America has no business trusting anything Republican candidates for President have to say about anything.

    They’re all feeding at the same trough.

  2. Strupp, Strupp, Strupp. You say such predictable things. I am pleased to see you admit “Obama is a complete mess…”

  3. No mention of the fact that we were conceived as a Christian nation and that Jesus favors us over all others?

    Come on dude, let’s try to stay on message here. 😉

  4. We were conceived as a Christian nation, but I think you are wrong to say Jesus favors us over all others. In fact, that’s pretty hateful of you. As usual.

  5. Right. I misspoke. The truth is, he loves all the children of the world
    Black and yellow, red and white
    They’re all precious in His sight
    Jesus loves the little children and grown-ups of the world

    How’s that? 🙂

  6. First, you forgot to capitalize “He” but next, well that’s one of my favorite childhood memories and you are making fun of it. That means you are still a jerk.

  7. Both Black and Webster dictionary liken conceive (as a word) to pregnancy. based on that how is a country conceived ?

  8. To take into one’s mind – there are three are four definitions in the Webster’s I just used.

  9. “First, you forgot to capitalize “He”

    Do you think he would forgive me if he discovered I was Jewish?

  10. He probably wouldn’t care, but your 5th grade English teacher might.

  11. If my teacher’s name was Sister Mary Jane you might have a valid case to make. Otherwise … not so much so.

    deity pronouns
    Use lower case for personal pronouns referring to God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. In Scripture quotations follow the style of the translation quoted.

  12. Something tells me you found the backup for an argument that is absolutely unnecessary. FYI – any day you don’t show up is a good day. 🙂

  13. Something tells me you’ve come to realize that you don’t have an argument. 🙂

  14. Something tells me I’m way too intelligent to take your bait.