This guy just threatened to kill Scott Walker on Facebook

The left has an event labeled Stand Up for Our Wisconsin: Recall Walker Kick Off Rally. I guess all the cool kids got an invite.

Including this person. Meet Regan Cowan. Dude, you don’t have your Facebook privacy settings locked down very well. That’s how I can get this photo:

Anyway, this is what Regan wrote on the event page. (It’s since been deleted.)

Ok, law enforcement, you have everything you need. I hope to hear this guy (I think?) is being prosecuted by the end of the day.

(Yes, I know that technically he made the threat on Friday, but I couldn’t weave that into the post title. In any event, that means law enforcement had the whole weekend already.)

H/T: Grant Guess’ photo album labeled This and That.

UPDATE about 9:30 am: Uh-oh. I think there’s a chance Regan is a gal. It’s going to be an interesting day alright.


  1. Don’t expect any media to pick up on this, or lefty blogs to chastise him.

    You have to have a Tweet taken out of context for that to happen.

  2. Allow me to be the FIRST lefty to say that threats of violence are never OK, whether intended in jest or not. There will be many on my side who agree if this instance gains traction, though I can’t see why it would as I don’t think this is a person of any notoriety in the movement. I could be wrong.

    It’s pretty funny that KB commented on this particular issue at this particular time. Kevin, did anyone from your side chastise you for threatening to shoot signature gatherers?

  3. FYI:

    Gosh. I wonder how they heard?

  4. His Facebook has been taken down, probably at the request of authorities. I can’t believe there are still some people on Facebook that are stupid enough to post that crap, especially on a public page! Even if you’re doing it jokingly, still, no one can ever correctly interpret your tone from a written message like that. The guy needs a few weeks or months in jail.

  5. That gal. 🙂

    And yes, very perceptive, Anthony.

  6. Its funny kevin commented since it appears its ok to threaten the death of recall petitioners on twitter but not the Gov on facebook.

    I personally dont think either are right I just dont see the difference.

    Jim, Anthony appears to think KB deserves a few months in jail.