Scrooge You

I don’t want to shock anyone, but on this issue I’m partly with the Obama administration. By including a 15 cent fee (tax) on all freshly cut Christmas trees in a recently published Federal Registry, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and thus the Obama administration put it’s stamp of approval on the new tax. Never mind the amount of the tax. This act takes the normally politically correct stances of this administration and tosses them to the wind.

First of all, if I were Jewish, Muslim, celebrated Kwanzaa, an atheist, celebrated Festivus, or whatever I would be offended that our government supported the National Christmas Tree Association in an official Federal document. Why would they not exhibit diversity and support symbols for all the holidays or celebrations at that time of year ?

As a Christian I’m offended because most likely my live tree will go up in price due to this tax. (I know it’s small–just go along)

And to hell with the environmentalists’ and their trying to preserve our evergreen trees. 25-30 million trees are cut annually that end up predominantly in the homes of Christians. You can include the global warming advocates here because we all know those evergreen trees produce oxygen year-round that aids in the development of precious ozone. And certainly this also helps reduce the country’s carbon footprint we hear so much about these days. Just think of all the collective electricity needed to vacuum all those needles that will be falling by the billions across America.

To heck with you industries that produce artificial trees, menorahs, etc. and the trickle down effect to the workers in those industries. Homeowners too–you should have to purchase a tree each and every year. This buying an artificial tree and using it multiple years–thus saving money for the trees and eliminating all that fuel for the delivery and picking out a tree annually–we gotta stop that. Your government supports the live tree guys.

For all you fire departments in every hill and dale that thought you were gaining in the fight against home fires and personal tragedy due to previously live trees catching fire, well, you’ll just have to work harder.

You trash/garbage workers and companies felt things were getting better with less live trees to dispose of–well, your government wants you to have to handle more of them. This means cities and towns everywhere will have a larger disposal issue to deal with and thus cost taxpayers more.

Those of you allergic to the strong sap and needles of the evergreens best load up on your favorite antihistamine medicine and just make do. Even if you defy your government in your home you will encounter your nemesis at others’ homes.

No, I haven’t forgotten you tree huggers that believe a tree is a beautiful, living being that under no circumstance should be cut. I know your hugs here are figurative and not real because frankly–it would hurt to hug most evergreens. We feel your pain.

But alas. This program has been delayed by the Obama administration just today. Dare we wonder why. This little tax would have raised over $4.0 million per year. I love their audacity to say delayed when everyone knows this is a dead deal. It will never see the light of day. So my wish of this administration foregoing the politically correct agenda is history.

Some things never change–including the incompetence of this administration.


  1. Huh? You’re beating up on the government for complying with the wishes of an industry that’s trying to improve their bottom line? You been drinking?

    “The Christmas tree industry petitioned to set up its own promotional program after years of concern about lost market share to the artificial Christmas tree industry. “

  2. Oh, Randy. That was great work.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    Well, the sun went down on the Christmas Tree surcharge. Political Correctness is alive and well within the Obama administration.

  4. I guess this is good news if you don’t mind that tree growers are loosing market share to our Chinese overlords.

    “Over 35 million U.S. households displayed natural Christmas trees in 1990, slightly outpaced by the 36.3 million homes that opted for artificial trees that same year. By 2000, the split was more dramatic with 50.6 million homes using artificial trees while 32 million chose natural Christmas trees. Sales of natural trees continued to slide after 2000, and by 2003 sales of natural trees reached 23.4 million. During the same period, artificial tree sales rose from 7.3. to 9.6 million annually”

  5. For what it’s worth, my favorite tree ever was a small live tree with seashell ornaments.

    I’m in the rare group of bah humbugers, though. Christmas is not one of my favorite things.

  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    That stretch would make a rubber band proud. 🙂

  7. I don’t know what you mean by stretch, Randy. I’m not making this up. The industry is loosing market share to artificial tree manufacturers. Artificial trees are made in China.

    “Christmas tree farmers have been hit by the increase in popularity of artificial and plastic trees over the past several decades, and they want to find a way to keep their businesses mostly small family farms going.
    “I think with this program, it is going to be a positive and build up our business,” said Sherry Severt Taylor, the daughter of the owner of Severt Trees in Elk Creek, Va. Severt has tree farms in Virginia and North Carolina.
    “Individually, we can’t afford this exposure. But as a collective group, it’s going to help, and we need this help because of the artificial trees,” Taylor added.”

  8. Randy in Richmond says:

    My point is that it is not the Federal Governments’ responsibility to look after businesses’ affairs. Whether it be GM, Solyndra, McDonalds, or the Christmas tree industry.