Lord have mercy…

Poor Mr. Cain.

Come on all you liberals. Tell me how certain you are that Herman Cain is this man’s father.

The final paragraph is a hoot.

Last night, Attorney Carson “Butch” Calhoun amended his client’s parental expectations.

“Delashaun Cain is so determined to make this relationship work that he’s willing to temporarily wave the back child support compensation in exchange for room and board in Mr. Cain’s home along with use of the family car and a reasonable weekly allowance.”

What offends me the most is that the press would actually push this one.

Speaking of the press, does this photo mean anything to anyone?


  1. I’ve never heard of The Daily Rash, but I like their slogan: “All the news that’s unfit to print”

    This is a joke, right? I mean, you’re just kidding about being offended?

  2. since the invention of the internet, etc. “everyone wants to get into the act” (jimmy durante). there are enough credible new sources with all points of view to go around.

  3. He looks like Mark Block.

  4. I am! Why would the press mess with something so ridiculous?

  5. Cindy…that site is a spoof. That picture has made its rounds on the internet for over a decade….

  6. Really? Oh, gosh. I feel so much better now. 😉

    So, anyone interested in a rousing round of compare and contrast?

  7. From perusing the homepage it is pretty clearly an Onion-like production.