Monday Morning – the double rainbow edition

I woke up to a double rainbow in the west this morning and a bit of rumbling thunder. I also received word that by golly, there had been another earthquake, but I slept through it.

That’s my exciting update. Not a whole lot going on today. There’s some scuttle about SCOTUS limiting arguments on Obamacare. I’m not terribly optimistic we’ll have changes in our future from that ruling. Nor do I expect we’ll have changes from a Romney choice.

There’s a bit of babble from Chelsea Clinton getting a job with NBC. Egads.

Anyone else hearing anything?


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    This is interesting. The Judge who set the bail for Jerry Sandusky, the ex-official accused of child molestation at Penn State, is a volunteer with his Second Mile Organization. No problem with that but perhaps she should have recused herself from his bail hearing ? ( He could face life in prison if convicted and the bail was unsecured)

  2. While I don’t like speculation, this guy was the one who exposed Sandusky in April. If so, the s**t hasn’ t even hit the fan yet in Happy Valley –

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    If just a small part of the Grand Jury Report is true, this guy’s toast and he won’t be the only one on the sinking ship. Beware–it’s graphic and to the point.