We will all remember how Cain lost the nomination in Block’s home state

Holy cow. Get that man some coffee!

No kidding, though. Cain is yesterday’s news. And he saved it for Wisconsin.


  1. Yikes.

    So where is your head on this race Cindy?

  2. FcatOrOpinion says:

    Lord have mercy….

  3. I don’t know. I have so many things twirling around in it right now…

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    Well, I’ve made up my mind. I will be voting for ABO. No surprise here.

  5. Cindy. Excellent post and very educational to say the least. there are times when a politician with a hangover from the nite before (brain session) has to wake up and return to reality. i remember the ad about the 3am phone call. foreign policy reigns higher than ever before because our very being depends on it. too bad we don’t have an experienced military man now so we go with what is there. the upcoming election should not be about our living style but about our living. we all missed the boat by not drafting Gen. Powell. When WWII started nothing else mattered. We have a weak homeland security ( where are the troops at home ?) and a lack of concern about our relationship with the rest of the world. the important factor is not who will be president but who will save our lives and our country.

  6. ABO?

    Oh, wait. I just got it. That’s pretty much where I’ve been all along. I liked the idea of Cain very much, but that all blew up today. (All you cranky folks notice he did it himself, the rumors had little to do with it.)

  7. Anonpolito says:

    Very well said, Cindy.

    Though, perhaps it was Mitt Romney’s smile that disturbed his concentration.

  8. Son Number 2 says:

    You know what this video has made me aware of? How beautiful that library is in the background. I want it.

  9. Anonpolito says:

    I wonder if the library is make believe, just like I wish this video was.

  10. ABO? Alternate Barack Obama?

    Oh, I get it. Romney.

  11. anyone but obama

  12. I say anyone but Cain, Gingrich, Bachmann, Perry or Paul. 🙂

  13. Couldn’t sleep so I watched this. Wow. I honestly was squirming in that chair at how sad that sight really was. Wow!

  14. Anonpolito says:

    It is time for Herman Cain to go on David Letterman.

  15. Romney should just take the family on vacation until this circus rolls out of town. The guy has the nomination locked up as long as he doesn’t do/say anything irrational or crazy.

  16. Heck, all Romney has to do is smile funny with that unflappable hair and it’s his.

    And the only place Herman Cain should go is on vacation until after the primary pick.

  17. Randy in Richmond says:

    According to your JS Online Herman Cain will be on Letterman on Friday.


    You probably won’t see this statement made by Obama a couple of days ago in Hawaii, USA.


    Which one is it that has a degree from Harvard ?

  18. What does Obama’s statements have to do with the topic?

  19. Randy in Richmond says:

    I thought the topic was brain loss, gaffs, goofs, etc.

    Hawaii is not in Asia.

  20. Anonpolito says:

    Herman Cain also asked Henry Kissinger to be his Secretary of State in the same JS interview.


    Kissinger would be 90 by the time Cain became president.

    That did it for me. Nothing like asking new world order rock star Henry Kissinger to be your SOS.

    At this point, not sure I can vote for anyone in the Republican primary for president. If all it takes is having a great hairstyle and a good smile, that’s really unfortunate.

    If Walker is on the ballot because of recall, I’ll go and vote for him, but that is about it.

  21. I thought the topic was Cain’s interview in Block’s home state and how it’s going to impact his chances for the GOP nomination.

    If you want to pigeon hole commentary by others on your blog entries you should play by the same rules on other entries no?

  22. I thought the Kissinger/Cain thing was debunked. Didn’t watch the video, so I don’t know if it was there, but I think it may have been one of those dry tongue-in-cheek kind of statements.

    Strupp, crawl back into bed and see if you can get up on the right side. Of course this was about gaffing politicians. Obama’s gaff was a good one, too.

    Strangely, the JS team didn’t seem to offer it the same priority. They are still harping on Cain ala Politico (maybe they want to be just like Politico when they grow up) even though every voting conservative I’ve spoken to in the last few days is down to “Cain who?” with regard to this one.