Dear Scott and Tonette:

I’d address you by something a little more formal, but it appears you’re bound and determined to be just like everybody else, darn it. So you are.

Maybe a little more stupid than most, but hey, I guess that’s just the way it is sometimes. Oh, and I will say with the way you are prostituting your sons, well, maybe a call to protective services is in order.

Because, you see, the more you swear it’s not about the kids, don’t pick on the kids, leave my kids alone, well, the more you make it about your kids.

Let’s put it another way just in case you aren’t catching on. Scott Walker, we, the people of the State of Wisconsin, elected you Governor. We expect you to act like one. You are one of fifty people holding the position of Governor in the United States. The United States is the greatest nation in the known world. You make the 1% look like a game at Lambeu Field. Me? I’m not even in that stadium, and you, for the sake of something that might catch your attention, are Aaron Rodgers. (Far less hunky, by the way, so don’t get excited. We’re simply talking numbers here.)

So what makes you think you can put your wife on Charlie Sykes’ babblethon and beg to leave your children alone?

Move your family to the governor’s mansion and get on with it. Your gosh-we’re-just-like-everyone-else ruse is costing taxpayers a fortune. You ran. You won. Elections have consequences. Stop whining.

One time years ago I told a soon-to-be neighbor (who is now dead, God rest his soul) that ambition is a wonderful thing when it’s your own. If you didn’t want your sons to be inconvenienced, you should have finished that degree at Marquette and found yourself a real job.

Do I make myself clear?


  1. Cindy. clear as crystal. you and I know that politics is not always fun. it is dedication to the things you believe in. Lincoln knew that. cry babies do not belong because their feelings will be hurt. The Gov. is a little boy playing in an adult world. a manly man would never set up his wife to this kind of torture. now he showed his weaknessess .look at all the children of politicians who did well in the real world. countless.

  2. Oh, Dick. Sometimes you make me crazy, and then sometimes you astound me with your clarity.

    Wow. Just wow.

  3. Dear Cindy,

    Let’s skip the fact that your post is rude beyond belief, for now.

    Just one point here.

    Who the hell are you to tell anyone which school their kids should attend, or how their children should be raised? These two highschoolers wanted to stay at a great public school (Class of ’86, thank you very much). Their grandparents have moved into the family home to help make this happen. Now, the only reason most of the world knows all of this is because of the press coverage a throng of union goons received for their temper tantrum outside the house this week.

    I won’t make any commentary here about your children, because I don’t know them and I don’t know anything about your parenting skills.

    As for your ability to engage in civil discourse however…well that’s altogether different.

    Cindy, you once famously denied being bipolar. None of us are in any position to refute that, but we certainly can be happy you no longer hold elective office. We should just stick to facts.

    However, the next time you claim to have any class at all, expect a flood of rebuttals.

    Do I make myself clear?

  4. In which Cindy Kilkenny makes her mark.

  5. I guess you have chosen your side, what’s next, going to move into a tent in a park somewhere?

  6. wrong fraley. the Governor is rude to allow his wife and children to get into the wonderful world of politics where people take advantage of free speech and the right to assemble instead of hiding in the closet and whispering sweet nothings. Cindy is not telling anyone anything. she is expressing her honest opinion. we all have to cope with physical stuff so whats the big deal. Lincoln had a lot of stuff to cope with. btw, you sound defensive.

  7. patrick. go home and get some sleep.

  8. I’m not sure I meant to hit a nerve as much as expose a reality.

    More tomorrow.

  9. when you are pragmatic, and believe in the true honest facts, you will have peace of mind.

  10. Wow, the left crosses the line and goes after the family and you blame Walker?


  11. fred. go back to sleep with patrick. at this hour i may do the same. good nite, god bless.

  12. Fred,

    Consider for a minute that Walker crosses the line and doesn’t protect his family.

    The left didn’t do anything illegal here. In my opinion, Walker is being grossly naive.

  13. Why do we care where the Walker kids live? My concern as a Wisconsin resident is how Mr. Walker governs (which, I must say, has been excellent so far), not Mr. and Mrs. Walker’s parenting abilities or lack thereof.

    This is a non-story in my opinion.

  14. I hope you were trying to draw attention to yourself with this post. Idiotic best describes it. If your jealous of Walker’s wife, then this post makes some sense.

  15. While I think the Tonette incident was probably more driven by Sykes, which is still inexcusable, I’d encourage you took think out of the box here. It’s not about where they live.

    One of my daughters spent considerable time with Matt this summer having met him during the campaign. Long story short, first time they were together his bodyguards gave her particular scrutiny. Short of a background check, but still invasive. Wherever they went (Summerfest, etc…), they were accompanied by bodyguard(s) due to specific threats against Matt/Alex. How is any of that the fault of where they choose to raise their family?

    Heck, I bet 68th St is a lot safer for them than Madison!

  16. Cindy,If I didn’t have much respect for you before, I certainly have no respect for you now. The only reason I can see for writing something like this is that you revel in attention, no matter how negative.

    Well, you have the attention, and the contempt that follows.

  17. But that’s my point, bdad. When you choose to be governor, your kids come second. Their acquaintances become scrutinized. It’s not the fault of where they choose to raise their family. It’s bad news that they pretend they aren’t different.

    Bdad, your daughter gained extra scrutiny. Is that what you intended? (And yes, 68th Street is safe, but I’m pretty sure my second point is it’s expensive when a governor’s mansion is also being budgeted.)

  18. Mr. Wigderson: Really? Oh wow. You sure surprised me with that one.

    No one reads me. I’ll have the contempt of five or six of you who can’t think independently. At least you didn’t invoke “bipolar” like Fraley. (Yes, I’m still laughing about that. But it will have to wait until tomorrow.)

  19. There goes that Christmas card from the Walker family Cindy.

  20. (Please read with hushed British commentator accent.)

    “And as we spy in on the elusive colony of Spotted Sconnie Righties, we find them participating in the frequent-as-of-late ritual of eating their own. Some major upheaval in their midst must be pressuring this raw, naked frenzy to cannibalism.”

  21. I was going to make my response to Brian Fraley of the MacIver Institute a separate post, but decided against it. There is an important point that needs to be made, though.

    Fraley disagreed with me, so just like the left standing in front of the Governor’s personal residence, Fraley chose to bring my children into it with his comment:

    “I won’t make any commentary here about your children, because I don’t know them and I don’t know anything about your parenting skills.”

    Keep in mind, I’m not elected. I’m a housewife with an opinion which differs from his.

    So either Fraley is trying to say the left is justified in standing in front of Walker’s house when the boys are there, or Fraley is trying to say he’s no better than the marching left. Either way, I don’t think Fraley looks too clever in his public response to my opinion.

    (Then there’s the bipolar thing again. A few of them love to pretend I am when they are pouting. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Sykes Himself went off about it today. I don’t ever listen to Sykes, so someone will have to let me know. Do try to remember, as jimspice explained above, we are on the same side of the political spectrum. Just because you can’t handle a little difference in opinion here and there doesn’t mean you should show your stupidity so openly.)

    Am I disappointed in guys like Fraley and Wigderson? Sure. They make it a lot harder to win the independents who are so important in our state. Does it surprise me they get all stupid when a woman dares to think on her own? Not at all.

  22. Even the most remedial reader can understand that I explicitly made the point that your children were not fair game because of my ignorance on the subject, let alone the children of public figures and even mediocre pseudo conservative bloggers are and should be out of bounds. I guess it was too subtle of a point that, by comparison, your commentary about the Walker’s children was out of bounds.

    As for respecting women who can think for them, the comments on this chain completely disrespect Tonnette’s ability to do just that. Many here have treated her as a mere political pawn or puppet. The projection is truly amazing.

    I have no intention on getting dragged into a protracted discussion here but felt compelled to share my disappointment and disgust with the topic, tone and tenor of the original post. And Cindy, if you think criticizing the parenting skills and decisions of others is the way to woo independents, by all means, plant an obnoxious union-financed Recall sign in your yard. Even most liberals, if they can separate their distaste for the Governor from the equation, realize that you are out of bounds.

  23. FactOrOpinion? says:

    WOW! Fraley, Fred and Wiggie. Who’s next Dennis York?

    So boys, parents aren’t, or is it, shouldn’t be responsible for the environment/situations that they put their children in?

    Hmmm.. Interesting perspective?

    “if you think criticizing the parenting skills and decisions of others is the way to woo independents”

    Isn’t that what you guys get paid for?

    I remember a guy named Publius who used to try to “woo” independents by telling them how stupid they were.

    Do you remember him Brian?

  24. Dick, with all due respect, screw you.

  25. All I said is that Governor Walker doesn’t get to eat his cake and have it, too. He’s Governor. It’s time he realign his whole life to act like one. If by chance he promised the family his new job wouldn’t get in their way, he was very wrong. I didn’t make his children the subject. Tonette did by going on Charlie Sykes.

    Fraley, your reaction is odd. It makes me wonder what I should be seeing but am missing on this topic.

  26. Randy in Richmond says:

    I choose to not take sides in an issue about which I know little. But I do choose to comment on a commenter.

    Your elitist writing and attitude is underwhelming. To work into your commentary a third person attack on whether or not someone has a health issue, in order to subliminally bolster your argument, inheritantly shows you prefer a personnal attack as a strategy to support your point of view. Throw in profanity and words like remedial, for now, having class, mediocre pseudo conservative bloggers, and the self effusing “do I make myself clear“? One having to ask this question illustrates a degree of self doubt, impudence, and even a threating innuendo.

    But my favorite comment is your “ I have no intention on getting dragged into a protracted discussion . This is little boy talk for “I’m going to take my ball and go home.” If you can’t play my way we aren’t going to play at all.

    Having said that, I hope you keep your word on same.

  27. Fred. your limited choice of words is equal to your limited ability to reason.

  28. Fraley. I have no idea who you are, but as an outside observer, you are the one with issues on ‘tone’ of commentary. Revealing. quite revealing.

    Cindy. I caught a wrap-up of Sykes’ whinefest after the Tonette interview. My thoughts mirror yours. They all need to move to the publicly supported Mansion. I don’t think the Walkers are mimicking ‘normal’ folks by staying put in their Milwaukee residence; they are being elitist in expecting dual costs in protection and privacy on the taxpayer dollar. I haven’t heard a squeak from Tonette on any positive issue, and then I hear her bemoaning the fact the lifestyle they chose – Governor, Mrs. Governor, First Family of Wisconsin- infringes on their privacy? Does she know how insipidly naive that sounds?

    Steinberg, you rock.

  29. Just for the record, Randy, I used “do I make myself clear” in the original post.

    The bipolar accusation is always a rough one. I’m not bipolar (as I guess I “famously” explained before), but it’s not because of anything I did or didn’t do. I have green eyes. Ditto. The one thing that would be sad to me is if I struck down the play so hard as to hurt the feelings of someone who is bipolar. I suppose it will suffice to say the handful of Republican males who insist on the accusation at their will are real jerks.

    Dick, and Fred. Cool it. I suspect Fred read a little more into the wording of Dick’s “go away” than was meant to be there. You are both intelligent men who probably don’t mean to dig in on this one.

    That leaves Wiggy, who just never came back to comment. *snicker* Poor Wiggy. Poor, poor Wiggy.

  30. P.S. for about 3 minutes today, I had Sykes on the radio. He is in a particular rabid frenzy. Wonder what’s driving that. What, exactly, is in it for him for Walker to be the Governor?

  31. Sykes, Fraley – there’s a disproportionate response here. Maybe there’s some truth to the rumor of a back seat driver for Wiscsonsin politics. Who would Sykes and Fraley have in common?

  32. FactOrOpinion? says:

    brothas from different muthas?

    Follow the money right?

  33. Cindy,

    Typically, I find you and I in agreement on most issues, but here I have to totally disagree with you. I am completely understanding that everyone has an opinion and respect such opinions.

    Please allow me to give my opinion.

    While it is understood the Scott Walker wasn’t your first choice for Governor, you have accepted him as it.

    From what you have written, you would like Walker to send his kids to Madison East? Correct??

    That’s where the “march” staging took place for the teacher walk out on the capitol–the one that had teachers, who took the kids from the school in tow as kiddie human shields and marched them up East Washington en masse, holding signs and chanting. Never mind the school’s test scores are in the bottom 10% and there’s an established gang problem there.

    Why would ANYONE send their kids to that school on purpose?

    Did the children themselves not want to stay?

    I guess Walker could spend $9000 a year to send his kids to Edgewood. But then the lefties would say he’s out of touch, his is the 1%er because he sends his kids to Edgewood. Oh, and he would be living in Maple Bluff (“the bluff,” as they call it) where the MLS has the avg house over $600k. The class warriors would delight in that, I suspect. They already gave Tonette hell for holding a fundraiser to improve the Governor’s mansion (the same one everyone seems to think we should SELL off).

    And how would that have stopped the mayhem anyway? “The bluff” is filled with rich liberals who despise Scott Walker. They simply would have marched and protested his neighborhood no matter where he lives. Most of these people suffer from Walker Derangement Syndrome. They follow Walker everywhere he goes.

    What I find most unfair about your post is that Walker isn’t ‘trying’ to be anything. His career conflicted with the wishes and well being of that of his kids, and he and Tonette are working it out like any other couple would. The boys wanted to stay and finish school where their friends are. Every parent gets this and no ‘special’ accommodations are being made. The boys wouldn’t need any extra protection, if not for the lunatics on the left.

    Would the kids not need extra protection in Madison? In an area, they didn’t grow up or have friends and a support mechanism. No place in this whole city is really “safe” for his kids. Ask David Prosser what life was like living on the east side while they were piling on him.

    I am friends with Vicki Mckenna and am sure I could convince her to give you a tour of these areas and give you a little insight what it like to be a righty living in the belly of the beast most of us call Madison. The second or first most liberal city in America depending on the day.

    Any ways that is how I see it!

  34. My instinct, from listening to Sykes, is that he is frantic. I don’t get how he financially benefits from Walker being governor, so is it power , control, influence? I’m having difficulty understanding why Scott Walker would be led around by a local, ( I suspect with dwindling ratings) talk show host. Really? I just do not get it, but there is something irrational about Sykes’ immersive discussion of everything Walker.

  35. Thanks for a more reasonable discussion, Randy. For some reason you ended up in the spam filter so I fished you out.

    Now, “His career conflicted with the wishes and well being of that of his kids.” Well, that’s our assumption anyway. And what I’m saying is, 1) tough. He should have planned ahead, 2) why do I have to pay for security at two homes, 3) then don’t whine when someone demonstrates in front of *one* of your homes, and 4) don’t put your wife on talk radio to plop the boys front and center of a controversy and then say the boys are off limits.

    Yes, it’s a crummy situation, but no, I’m not inclined to pat Scott Walker on the head and tell him gosh, that’s ok, because I don’t mind in the least that he can’t seem to get his personal life in order.

  36. Randy. So we are to feel sorry for a guy who campaigned relentlessly to be Governor for the past 8 years? He wanted the job. As for the kids not wanting to switch schools, then I suggest he should have held off on his political ambitions until they were in college. I say quityourbellyachin’. Figure out a solution that doesn’t financially impact the taxpayer. It’s disingenuous. And small.

  37. my fellow citizens. re-read the blogs and news and you will see that there is no real physical harm to the Governor’s family. if there was i would expect him to be upset. he chose to be a politician and hopefully agreed with his wife that politics comes first. with young children this is a hard choice but you must live with it. the people have a right to petition the governor in a peaceful manner and to be heard. Lincoln could see the rebels firing on the White House where he lived with his family and had an open door policy. the best the Gov. can do us to keep his family out of the public eye, not to push her into a pro-partisan talk show host to tell of her husband’s woes. my parents did not ask me if i wanted to live in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Milwaukee but i coped with it.

  38. maybe i am too hard on the young people but i also believe in compulsory military training or public service. we may need it for our defense of our homeland. i know of many state supreme court justices who lived outside of madison and commuted to work which is not 12 mos. of the year. besides, madison has many beautiful suburbs and great places to live . as does Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland, New York, Atlanta, etc. when name calling (left lunatics) name one for me to give a picture of what they are like. same for the union goons. we have to get over this soon or with open carry things will get feisty to say the least. it is time for a change—–to civility.

  39. This is AWESOME…its like watching a board meeting of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants or the Anti Justice League. All you need now is the weasel Schimming to weigh in, although he might be a little busy tending to Prosser’s colon!

    Sorry to interrupt….have at it!

  40. You are a couple of weeks late to the game here. Standard protocol from the left?

  41. I barely have time to update my own blogs without trying to fit in reading every single blog in the cheddarsphere, especially those on the wrong side of the issues.

    I only got here today because Wiggy finally wrote something that I found interesting. In his hatred he actually linked us and you up! Except he didnt mention my name for some reason…

    Plus Randy scares me being an alpha male and all…..

  42. Nah. You are just trying to side with Wiggy on this one. Strange bedfellows and all that.

  43. Side with wiggy? Shudder at that thought! I think its funny he is so proud of his alliances that he perpetually denies them. Of course hanging out with that crowd I would be ashamed also. The question is do they all deny wiggys presence?

    Hey where is dad29? wasnt he invited to the party?

  44. Gosh, I hadn’t thought of him for a while. My dirty little secret (ok, not so much a secret) is that I barely get around to my own writing and rarely read anyone else. It’s not really self-centered as much as lazy. I guess I could call it busy and try to look a little better. It does have the added benefit of letting my work pretty much be my work. If I want to prove a point, I’ll go searching for it, but I’m not very good about keeping a reading list.

    Except for Playground Politics. He’s hurt my delicate feelings now and then, but most everything he writes is compelling.