The left goes off on God, WELS, and Mark Neumann

Do any of your remember that movie A Beautiful Mind? At one point they open the garage door to find pictures and stories thumbtacked to the wall with strings run between them to show a spider web of associations. It was pretty crazy stuff. The main character, John Forbes Nash, Jr., had experienced a psychotic break.

Well, I kind of envision Michael Leon’s garage looks about the same way. He goes off today on the fact that a WELS communications director is arrested, and then proves Mark Neumann is a criminal. WELS is a big organization. It’s not Mark Neumann’s church – it’s the branch of protestant religion to which Neumann belongs. (It would be kind of like demanding I should be held responsible for something that happened at the Archdiocese.)

Anyway, go read it. It won’t make sense, but it will inch you one step closer to understanding how irrational the left have become in Wisconsin.


  1. All these nuances like churches vs. denominations can be awfully tricky for the atheist brain to comprehend. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Charland says:

    Yeah…that doesn’t make any sense…

  3. Under our legal system one is innocent until proven guilty, but I find the actions of this communications director deplorable. There is no logical association between that guy and Mark Neumann. It’s actually quite deplorable that one would try to create such a link.

  4. Neumann served(s) on the WELS Kingdom Workers national Board of Directors (Spring 2011 Newsletter; p.5), and is arguably WELS’ most famous member ‘submitting to Church doctrine.’

    A few hours after the post ran, the WELS Church censored the interview between the accused child porn possessor and Mark Neumann. See – that just hours before was available to public viewing.

    Neumann has in numerous public statements said he believes the Lord and his Church guided him into electoral politics, and public policy [after he was successfully elected].

    Numerous other statements of WELS Board member Neumann acclaiming the Lord and Church’s hand in his political decisions exist on … the WELS website.

    Unless, those too are now being scrubbed off such as the interview between Hochmuth and Neumann. See

    and Neumann’s biography:

    Both now unavailable.

    Decision by WELS and Neumann? Perhaps it is the Lord’s will.

  5. the wonderful world of technology now controls the thought process of too many. sound bites, I phone videos, websites for all, computerized phone calls, occupy the occupiers and the ole faithful “Lie” . and now, captions with selected images of deamons and dragons. most are so dumb that instant replay is not needed.

  6. Michael, sorry – I just fished you out of the spam pile.

    I bet you are enjoying the patterns all the pretty strings are making on your wall. 🙂

  7. Cindy, is your spam filter somehow connected to the Wrath of God?

  8. No, just comments with too many links. 😉