It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christm…er…Recall Season!

The Recall Walker Office in Portage, WI has decided to commandeer two Christmas celebrations and transform them into Recall Walker events.

On Friday, November 25th, the children of Portage will be encouraged to ask Santa for a new governor, rather than a new toy. On Saturday, November 26th, families visiting Santa’s Reindeer will be encouraged to sign a recall petition.

Both events can be found on the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s webpage (direct links not available). Screenshots are below.

Is nothing sacred anymore?

The Recall Walker Office of Portage, which is organizing these events, is run by Amanda Hall.  If you’d like a little bit of background on Amanda, check out this Facebook page she has aligned her office with (warning: PG-13 content).



  1. Anonpolito says:

    Occupy Christmas.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    Please tell me this is not for real…

  3. Anonpolito says:

    Meanwhile, Mark Neumann has his new website up, and it’s disappointing.

    Not sure what to make of the green and gold thing going on there, along with the #12.

    Maybe it’s temporary, I don’ t know.