No joke

I dug a splinter (leftover from a sticker from my trip to Oklahoma) out of my index finger yesterday and now I need disability payments.

There won’t be much typing in my future. And it’s too bad, as I have something to say about this effort to recall Scott Fitzgerald.

Talk amongst yourselves and I’ll try to live through the weekend.


  1. Ouch 🙁

    I had a nice thorn in my hand from trimming rose bushes in October. It went right through my glove. I cleaned it, dried it and put duct tape around it for 3-4 days not removing it for showers, etc and when I did the thorn came out with it. Easy and less invasive. While I hope you never get another splinter keep that in mind if it should ever happen again.

  2. I’d heard that before! Maybe I’ll remember it next time.

  3. And, there is all kinds of designer duct tape out now…even leopard print. So, it can be fashionable as well 🙂

  4. I was just at OfficeMax and saw that!

  5. he is not F.Scott Fitzgerald. he is a fledgling senator who has his sites on being a US Senator . his recent experience is not enough to deal with the real pros in DC. where are those young well educated people who have the ability to be in public service, without the aid and comfort of family and decide on their own.

  6. I thought it was his brother Jeff running from the Assembly. Guess I’ll have to double check tomorrow.