Go rock this kid’s world

I’ve been a fan of Nora Collins for a long time. She’s starring in Grease next week, the Brookfield East High School production at the Wilson Center.

Anyway, she needs your vote in this rockstar event. Go ahead. Spend a minute with the advert and the start of her song, then you can click on the green “vote” button below the video.

Thanks. And keep an eye out! She’ll be famous before you know it.


  1. cindy, on your endorsement i voted for her and enjoyed the music. tell us more. is she in high school and how do you get to see this play. or is she an outside performer in the play. not clear, why German?

  2. Many young talents get their start overseas. It’s quite a music market there.

    You see the play by buying tickets from http://www.wilson-center.com (or going to the box office) for a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday performance. She is a high school student at Brookfield East who is doing the musical.

    Nora’s put quite a lot into her career over the last couple of years, and I think it’s paying off well for her. This performance should be great.

  3. Mike Collins says:

    Thanks Cindy for your continued support of Nora. We really appreciate you taking the time and blog space to help her out. Nora came in second place for the month at Rockstar. We stumbled across Rockstar on the internet and Nora signed up.
    We are always looking for new ways to have Nora’s music heard. Next week she is going to Nashville to do songwriting co-writes. In December she has a scheduled Morning Blend and WMSE appearance and also Winter Fest.
    Hope to meet you at the musical. I heard that tonight is sold out and less than 100 tickets total remain over the last 2 shows.
    Nora is really looking forward to it! There was a Brookfield Patch story yesterday.
    Thanks again.
    Mike Collins