Want an ID for voting?

Let me know, and I will help you. Seriously. Send me an email and I will help you with the legwork and maybe even the cost if there is any.

The latest thing the left is harping in Wisconsin is voter identification. (Have you noticed how the Walker recall has suddenly dropped off the radar?) They:

Michael Leon

Chris Liebenthal

Bill Christofferson

swear it’s impossible for some people who want an ID suitable for voting under the new law to get that ID, and I say pooey. If you want an ID and can’t get one on your own, let me know, and I will help you. (Shucks. They must have put this one out on their listserve or something. Sure sounds a lot alike.)

Call it my single-handed effort to keep the love in the Badger state.


  1. I was just recently in the DMV to do my 8-year renewal on my Driver’s License – they have separate lines for obtaining the free ID for voting with signs everywhere. Your friendly neighbor DMV is readily accessible by bus in Milwaukee County.

  2. something is missing. you would think that every person wants an official ID of some sort in case of emergency, shopping, banking,etc. how do this un-ided people id themselves ?

  3. Being ID’d makes it so much more difficult to double dip into the freebie government handout stash.

  4. But but but conservatives are trying to suppress the vote!!!!

    That tired line is such a joke. As if any GOTV effort would not help people get IDs

  5. But I was the heartfelt conservative who mentioned it. 😉

  6. Anonymous says:
  7. I’d be glad to help her out if she contacts me.

  8. Randy in Richmond says:

    It looks like this issue may be solved. The NAACP has just petitioned the United Nations to look into the voter ID laws passed in many states to require voters to identify themselves. I’m certain the UN, with it’s pristine record, will clear this up quickly.


    Without taking sides on the issue itself, it is fascinating that a United States organization is going to the UN over a 100% domestic issue. We have a black Attorney General and a black President that one would think the NAACP could receive an ear from if their redress has merit.

  9. Wow!