WisDems “grassroots” effort requires 42 offices and 100 staffers

That’s what Mike Tate says in his fundraising blog entry:

That’s what we won’t do if we don’t meet our goal of raising another $150,000 by December 16th so we can keep our unprecedented grassroots operation going strong through the sleet and snow ahead.

Right now there are more than 100 recall staffers working in 42 offices across Wisconsin to help the more than 20,000 people that have signed up to collect and process signatures in their local communities through the cold, wintery days ahead.

Wow. That sound really natural and spontaneous to me. What about you?

Oh, and Tate uses “Koch brothers” in his entry, too.

Remember, it’s all about the money you guys. I hope those silly Democrats pony up to keep Mike Tate’s heat on throughout the signature-faking process.


  1. For a state with 72 counties, not really. That’s only 1.4 staffers per county and .6 offices per county.

  2. Yep. A real grassroots operation.

  3. Glad you agree. Because you can’t collect 700,000 signatures with that staff. The rest of the group are unpaid volunteers. That’s the very essence of grassroots.

  4. No, Phil, it’s not. You’ve deliberately twisted the definition to fit your need. Big deal. You do that all the time. Just don’t flatter yourself into thinking anyone agreed with you.

  5. Then by all means, enlighten us unwashed masses as to what constitutes “grassroots” in your world? How many offices and paid staffers would be acceptable? None? Please tell me. I await your decree.

  6. From Wikipedia, which will do for now:

    The term implies that the creation of the movement and the group supporting it are natural and spontaneous, highlighting the differences between this and a movement that is orchestrated by traditional power structures.

    Employing 100 staffers and maintaining 42 offices to organize volunteers does not constitute spontaneous or natural and lands squarely in the “orchestrated by traditional power structures” side of the definition.

    Now, if you don’t mind, stop arguing the point. I’ve dealt with a boatload of stupid from another liberal this week and my patience is all used up. If you demand an argument, go find Wiggy.

  7. I would but Wiggy censors and he never writes anything interesting anyway.

    I think the ‘fundraiser” from the dems was silly. Governor Walker will be getting recalled whether they 150,000, $15 mIllion or $15. The people want it and the people always lead the politicians and the parties. There is no stopping it now and the posts like this and the desperation from places like macgyver and wpri shows everyone that our friends on the right understand whats happening also.

    Besides both sides run stupid fundraisers, anything to get a buck. Heck next thing you know the walker side will be running fundraisers that say schools havent laid anyone off or that class sizes are manageable.

    How silly would that be…..o wait

  8. Interesting 2nd paragraph. Time will tell.

  9. Anonpolito says:

    My guess is that these offices will also be part of the Obama effort. I kind of wonder if some of that Obama campaign money is making its way to Wisconsin for the recall effort, directly or indirectly. Maybe someone knows for sure.

  10. Anonpolito: In Waukesha they are two separate offices, one for the recall and one for Organizing for America (OFA), the Obama re-election campaign. The timing is such that the recall offices will close long before the OFA offices. Plus, they have two very different and distinct areas of responsibility. One is to recall a state official, the other is to elect a President.

    That’s not to say you won’t see the same volunteer faces at both, but they’re not the same offices.

  11. Open-minded liberals like to use the term “astroturfing” when referring to organized right-leaning operations with staffs, but that suddenly changes to “grassroots” when referring to their own organizations.

  12. Ding ding ding! KPOM nails it.

  13. KPOM & Fred: From WikiPedia

    The goal of such campaigns is to disguise the efforts of a political and/or commercial entity as an independent public reaction to some political entity—a politician, political group, product, service or event.

    One can hardly call an organization that sends out a solicitation for help with it’s name all over it (in this case, the Wisconsin Democratic Party), disguised.

  14. Keith Schmitz says:

    KPOM, once again we are seeing an outbreak of Conservative Perceptual Syndrome, where things that are really small appear big in the conservative mind (ref: ACORN).

    Compared to the money that will be fire hosed at the Badger state by Rove and predator capitalists when this recall election goes into full swing, $150,000 is rather paltry.

    The GOP can hardly do the outdoor grassroots effort we are mustering, especially when it has to be done on Rascals. Of course they can always hire help.

  15. Phil – link please. Is that for astroturf? I thought you were trying to defend “grassroots.” Did you forget already?

  16. Oh, no, Keith, we’re simply watching one fairly conservative housewife call out the Wisconsin Democrats for perpetuating the lie of “grassroots” where no grassroots effort exists. Judging by the way the left is having to duck and cover, I’d say she won this one. 🙂

  17. NO grassroots exist? Cindy you know better than that!

  18. Keith Schmitz says:

    Always appreciate the efforts of fairly conservative housewives, but a) indeed this effort is grassroots b) we all know better. In the political scheme of things, $150,000 is the equivalent of peeing into a cup.

    Take the Glendale office. We have one staffer doing his 60 hours a week and the other 1,000 hours (at least) being handled by volunteer citizens, with a lot more hours to come as we head to the 17th.

    I know that to be the case statewide.

  19. Randy in Richmond says:

    Interesting how Phil points out one of the offices in Waukesha is to “elect” a president, not to ‘re-elect’. Sorry, but if you are successful he will still be the same guy.

  20. Randy in Richmond: Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar…

  21. Randy in Richmond says:

    Depending on the size of the cup I could, ah, fill it up after a few colas. Now the ocean, not so much.

  22. Cindy: http://bit.ly/oyvtB

    And I wasn’t talking to you, the response was to “KPOM & Fred.” Can’t you read?

  23. Jeff – you may be peeing in a cup, but Mike Tate says,

    It won’t happen. We won’t recall Scott Walker. We won’t restore workers’ rights. And we won’t elect new leadership that Wisconsin families can trust to create good-paying jobs and get our economy working again.
    That’s what we won’t do if we don’t meet our goal of raising another $150,000 by December 16th so we can keep our unprecedented grassroots operation going strong through the sleet and snow ahead.

    Just be sure you don’t end up peeing on Mike Tate.

    Phil – your liberal rude-when-you-lose side is showing again.

  24. Randy in Richmond says:

    Getting rid of governors without regular elections has occurred recently, although no recall was required. Whether it was grass roots or not can be debated. The governors of Illinois and New York, both Democrats, lost their jobs for various indiscretions and another former Democratic governor is looking for 1.2 billion dollars that belongs to Americans all over the country.

    This should give those pursuing a recall encouragement.

  25. Anonpolito says:

    @Phil: I guess I was wrong about the 42 locations being converted to campaign offices for Obama.

    Do you think they could become soup kitchens after you guys are done with this state?

    Seriously, 42 offices? What the hell is going at each of those locations? Then you got Organizing for America offices on top of that?

    That is insane.

    Quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of these recalls. You are wasting a bunch of money that could go towards other causes. I’ll bet a number of non profits in Wisconsin have had a down year for fundraising thanks to all these recalls.

    Governor Scott Walker and the Republicans did the right thing in dismantling the union stronghold in this state. You will never get it back.

    To the Walker Team: Hire a bunch of attorneys, like 500 or so, Florida recount style, and have them comb through every single signature on recall petitions. You can probably get some attorney volunteers too. I’m sure there are a bunch of them out of work or available that would be willing to carefully examine these petitions for duplicate signatures, underage signatures, or Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck too.

    Ben Ginsberg available?

    He’ll know what to do.

  26. Anonpolito: “Democracy for me but not for thee?” Don’t like recalls? Change the law.

  27. Actually this is a huge downyear for non profits thanks to the fact that walker has cut everyones pay and leads the nation in jobs lost. But hey thats just splitting hairs.

  28. Phil, you have democracy. You just didn’t like the outcome. If someone “changed the law” as your suggest, can you imagine how loudly you’d complain then?

    I love the way you will only argue with others who comment and not me.

    Jeff: Walker didn’t cut “everyone’s” pay. Get over it.

  29. correct its not everyone. Just the 300,00+ public workers and their families and of course every business they used to support but no longer can.

    However since the governor received a $7000 plus pay raise i cant say everyone. Thanks for pointing out my error.

  30. Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. You are being sloppy. Governor Walker had nothing to do with his pay raise and you know that. The new salary was established during Doyle’s administration.

    Makes me think you are a wee bit desperate.

  31. yes it was established then but he sure took it didnt he. there was no where written in stone that he had to take it was there? Many public workers had their salaries set also, didnt stop walker from forcing a pay cut upon them.

  32. Jeff, you are wrong. Brookfield’s former Mayor Jeff Speaker had an increase he “rejected” except legally he couldn’t reject it. He had to accept it. He could donate it, etc., but he had to accept it.

    I know you aren’t happy, but you’ll do your side more good if you are always accurate in your accusations.

  33. Maybe it takes a man of the convictions of Russ Feingold, because he never took his raises.

  34. I’d have to see your proof. It’s my understanding that a politician must always take raises, but may donate the difference. Perhaps the national level works differently from Wisconsin, but I’m not inclined to take your word for it.

  35. Cindy: Make up your freakin’ mind! From

    Now, if you don’t mind, stop arguing the point. I’ve dealt with a boatload of stupid from another liberal this week and my patience is all used up. If you demand an argument, go find Wiggy.


    I love the way you will only argue with others who comment and not me.

    Which shall it be, Cindy? Argue? Don’t argue? Pick one.

  36. I’m just surprised you took me seriously. Never happened before.

    PS. You can always disappear from this blog completely. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all.

  37. Anonpolito says:

    @Phil: I didn’t say that.

    Go occupy something.

  38. Phil is occupying this blog….this blog is the 1% of right wing blogs that on rare occassions make sense!