Union vote requires photo ID

Oh, wow. The America we are in right now could drive a girl nuts.

This is the closest I could find to a source for the version rounding Facebook. Funny, they didn’t mention the irony of the union requiring a photo when most liberals go berserk when you suggest the same for a presidential election.


  1. Thanks for the pre-bed chuckle. The irony is hilarious.

  2. This is obviously a deliberate attempt at voter supression, oh and raaaaacist.

  3. Funny! Another case of what’s good for the goose apparently isn’t good enough for the gander.

    Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens on both sides. Politico has a decent piece about Gary Johnson, who is someone who should be getting a lot more attention than he is (he cut government spending, wants to eliminate the income tax and the DoE, but has liberal social views and so hasn’t been invited to many of the debates, even when he met the poll number requirements).