Verify the Recall boasts 4,000 volunteers

And yes. I’m one of them. It made sense to join the group after saying I’d do it all by myself.

Let’s see, 4,000 people to check 600,000 signatures means every person is to verify 150, or about 15 pages. Oh gosh, that is doable. I hope they use OCR software for an initial scan to create the database. It will make checking for fraud that much easier.

So how’s that recall driving going, anyway? We had a halfway announcement on November 28th. Don’t you think they’d be done by now? I mean, that was only two weeks into it, and they’ve had two weeks more, so it’s should be in Santa’s bag by now, don’t you think?

And here’s the tiny news scoop for the day: There’s a considerable schism forming between the not-a-democrat progressive Wisconsin bloggers and the Wisconsin Democratic Party headed by Mike Tate and proclaimed by Graeme Zielinski. Oh, sure. It’s fun to watch. I think it’s developing because the writing is on the wall with this recall effort. I mean, with WisDems begging for $150,000 or it falls flat, you have to wonder just where this one is going to end up.

I’ve always said it will be very damaging to WisDems if this effort fails. Do you suppose they are creating a distance of arm’s length in order to blame the other?

We’ve got about a month left until we find out.


  1. I always find it odd that conservative blogs are virtually silent on the issue of the amount of harassment, intimidation and outright assault perpetrated by the recall opposition. We’re approaching double digits in serious instances. When do plan on addressing this trend from your own side?

  2. Well, source it from non-blog media and we’ll discuss it.

  3. You haven’t seen these instances? You should watch/read the news more often. They’re everywhere.

  4. Evidently they are not prevalent enough for you to articulate them.

  5. Fairly Conservative,

    I would not use the word schism, as the term implies a prior connection.

    Hey, I want Scott Walker recalled.

    But when the Democratic Party sits on its ass and doesn’t protect recall volunteers from punks, Party Pukes can expect to hear from me.

    Well-written blog. I agree with virtually nothing you say, but you are a fine stylist.


  6. M – I would use the word schism. While I linked to your post telling Graeme to get off his butt (Oh, please don’t change that! It’s so cute.) I have other sources that indicate most of you are not at all happy.

    (And awe shucks. I’m blushing.)

  7. Cindy: See here and here for starters. There is other video I am aware of and have seen that show similar behavior.

  8. Ok, the first one, yes, I agree the man should not have grabbed the camera. Everything else looked fine. We all get to have an opinion. I doubt it will go anywhere because while there’s video, I don’t know that it’s ok to issue a citation from video without actually witnessing the misconduct.

    Re: the phone calls: How stupid do you have to be to put your name, phone number, and email address on a petition that’s public? The only problem I see with that second one is the use of a bad word. While in poor taste, I don’t consider it harassment.

    I also argue the WisDems better not alter the petitions to remove the phone numbers and email address. Not unless they want me to argue they altered the petitions prior to submission, anyway.

    Two? That’s it? For the record, I feel intimated and harassed every time I have crossed paths with one of the yahoos collecting signatures. Where do I go to complain?

  9. Cindy:
    1. Yes, hard to deny that first one since the guy’s on film assaulting someone. As for the count, I expect that had I provided 10, your response would have been something along the line of “Ten? That’s it?” I don’t know for sure, but I’m willing to bet. So what number would be convincing?

    There’s also the guy who was arrested for defacing two recall petitions down in West Bend and is now facing two felony charges. That’s also harassment.

    2. WRT the phone calls, your response skates perilously close to blaming the victim. Are you saying that by signing the recall in the manner stipulated by the GAB means that she was “asking for it?” Is that really what you want to say? And unwanted phone calls late at night aren’t “harassment?” I’ll keep that in mind.

  10. Ok, Phil. There’s a third one. He’s facing felony charges. Would I want to be facing felony charges? No. But this person scribbled on a freakin’ piece of paper. It’s not like he threatened to shoot the Governor or anything. (Oh, wait…)

    There are pissed off people everywhere. Some days I’m one of them. Pissed off people often make poor decisions. Am I to run through the state, grab every pissed off person, and determine if they are for or against Scott Walker and then condemn them for being pissed off if their politics happen to match mine?

    Get a grip. Three people who are pissed off and support Scott Walker are known to live in the state of Wisconsin. The guy who grabbed a camera did not assault anyone just like the he/she (still undetermined) who threatened Scott Walker on Facebook didn’t cross any line. You don’t get to have it both ways.

    And what is it with you guys and all the “blaming the victim” stuff. You do that to me all the time. You have a blog where you can get five or six people to agree with you all the time. You should go play there if you don’t care for my answers.

  11. Anonpolito says:

    I’ve heard that signatures have slowed down big time for the state senate recalls. We’re getting into a period where it will be cold and too close to Christmas to be doing this type of politicking door-to-door.

  12. Cindy: “But this person scribbled on a freakin’ piece of paper.” Yeah, I’ll bet he’s regretting that now, don’t you think? He picked the wrong piece of paper to scribble on, I guess. Next time he should try crayons on a Denny’s kid’s menu, he’s unlikely to be arrested for that.

    Americans are all entitled to their opinions. They’re entitled to voice those opinions. They’re not allowed to assault people or interfere with citizens conducting a lawful petition. I know you know this. Justifying bad behavior because they’re emotional is wrong.

    And what is it with you guys and all the “blaming the victim” stuff. You do that to me all the time.

    I’m honestly not sure what you mean. Do you mean that “we” are always accusing you of doing that or because you believe that “we” are guilty of it as well. I’m not sure how to respond to that.

    Personally, I do not blame victims. For instance, when that idiot dumped a beer on Vos, I stated publicly that that was wrong and unacceptable. I didn’t claim that Vos was “asking for it.” But your reply drifts into the victim blame space when you say

    How stupid do you have to be to put your name, phone number, and email address on a petition that’s public?

    The law says you must provide that information. The wrong here was that someone used that information to harass a woman who chose to sign the petition.

  13. Randy in Richmond says:

    Hundreds of thousands of anything will bring out the freaks and idiots. Considering the number of interactions the signature collecting generates, the number of incidents referenced here is miniscule.

    Yes, there should be no bad events but for you on the left to bring this up as an issue is a cause looking for an effect.

  14. Randy in Richmond: Kind of like so-called “voter fraud,” right? Voter fraud is also a situation where “the number of incidents … is miniscule (sic).” So are you agreeing that voter ID was about voter disenfranchisement and not about protecting the integrity of the vote?

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    But seriously, I agree that large crowds bring out the idiots, but that doesn’t mean that they should be dealt with. And I was (originally) just responding to Cindy saying that she hadn’t seen any non-blog examples of bad behavior on the part of Walker supporters.

  15. Zielinski is a total and complete boob. I’ve worked with him, I should know. He boasted about how he ate fried onions for breakfast, “so sorry if his breath smelled.”

  16. I agree with phil that there is no amount of thuggery or intimidation coming from the Walker supporters that would make you say “maybe that shit should stop.” Hey even if you dismiss it its still more thna the rest of the far right cheddarsphere or the Gov himself has done. The thing about that though is the intimidation and violence gets worse as we get closer and closer and unless and until someone from the right takes a leadership role, someone is going to get hurt. You have some serious loons on your side, and the thing I have noticed is they like to target lone women. Hmmmmmm However thats a story for another day. A couple things made me laugh though .

    1. , I don’t know that it’s ok to issue a citation from video without actually witnessing the misconduct. What do you think your witnessing? do you think those two old guys were spielberg and lucas? Was that a stunt double with make up and camera angles made to appear to be a republican thug? Maybe there is a version in 3D that hasnt been released yet…

    2. Re: the phone calls: How stupid do you have to be to put your name, phone number, and email address on a petition that’s public?

    As you are getting nomination signatures in your run for office, please preface every time you ask someone to sign with that very sentence!

  17. And don’t act like these are random yahoos out there. The Racine wheel peeler Tom Bode is a county GOP official there, and “Burn Notice” instigator Matt Lepperd is the Waukesha County GOP official “elephant wrangler.”

  18. Phil: If the law states you have to provide a phone number and email, why was the party talking about removing them prior to turning in the petitions? The law does not require those two items.

    I know you really want to engage me, but frankly, I don’t care much about what you comment. Especially when you make a harsh point that’s flat wrong.

    Jeff: you are an idiot. Of course I wish it didn’t happen. I wish jerks wouldn’t run red lights. I wish the trash men wouldn’t let recycling fly all over the yard when they pick up. I can’t do much about any of it, can I. I will be responsible for a guy going after some camera just as soon as you suggest the Facebook person be charged for threatening Walker. Deal?

    Nomination signatures, just like recall signatures, are name and address, not phone and email. From the GAB website recall manual:

    Each petition must provide a space for electors to:
    • Sign their name
    • List their municipality of residence, along with the post office address, including street
    and number, i f any, or rural route (the address must be complete and clearly show that
    the signer resides in the district or jurisdiction represented by the officeholder).
    • List the date of signing.
    • Each separate sheet of a recall petition must contain a completed Certification of

    You guys are collecting that other stuff because you WANT it, not because it’s required. But I argue once you’ve put it to the petition, that information has to be filed with the signatures as it is part of the document.

    Do you not bother to do your own homework on stuff or do you two just poop out whatever the not-a-democrat progressives tell you to say?

  19. jimspice – source it please. I have no idea of the point you are trying to make.

    Let’s see: 3 “yahoos” documented in this discussion and a claim of 300,000 signatures collected. That makes an incident of 1 in 100,000 or 0.001% of signatures collected. Are the odds higher that I’ll get smacked by one of those folks who always run red lights?

  20. There is a huge difference between the trash collectors spilling some recycling and the treasurer of the GOP party in a major city trying to run over recall petitioners, again I am sure you know that but the desperation is showing.

    1. In all of the signatures I have gotten I have not gotten email or phone numbers. I was under the impression that psychotic stalker Kevin stoll just screen grabbed some names and then found the peoples numbers. Its not that hard on this here internets.

    2. Your turn:

    o yea and this:

  21. I asked for non-blog sources.

    You and Phil said emails and phone numbers were required. Now you say you’ve never collected them. Can you make up your mind soon?

  22. 1. I will be responsible for a guy going after some camera just as soon as you suggest the Facebook person be charged for threatening Walker. Deal?

    I personally called out that guy for being an idiot numerous times. I cant supply “non blog” sources of me doing exactly what you asked now can i? As I said before your turn.

    2. No where did i say that emails and phone numbers were required, but when someone does an ORR for the people who sign your nomination papers and get their full name and complete address should take them a good 2-3 seconds to find their phone number. So please let everyone know that when they are signing your papers. media trackkkers would be proud.

  23. Saying “this is stupid” is not the same as advocating for someone’s criminal charge. I said going after the camera was as stupid as running a red light or letting trash fly. Again I will reiterate, I don’t have control over any of those three situations.

    Sorry I missed that the blog references were your points. I am corrected there.

    Next, I’m not running, but just to prove you know nothing about local Brookfield politics, your assumption is a decade of old news around here. Heck, I’ve known an incumbent to go knock on the door of a voter who signed an opponent’s papers and get into a face-to-face discussion over the matter. It’s kind of an apples to crabapples comparison on your part, but I do see your intention.

    I still advocate it takes someone completely out of touch to throw both a phone number and an email address on those petitions and then complain that either were used.

  24. yes I said it was stupid but I also think that I said at some point in there that they all should get charged. If I didnt I should have and will now. They all should get charged with at least disorderly conduct.

    I think it takes someone “special” to go find people who signed these petitions and harass them. if you had an incumbent do that then he needs some help. I personally would sign anyone’s nomination papers(if i supported them or not) because I think its great when people run for elected office(even you). 🙂

    good night!

  25. Randy in Richmond says:

    Driving the wrong way on a one-way street is a crime. Given the number of times this actually occurs as related to the number of cars on the road, it is a minuscule problem. This doesn’t make it less of a crime–especially if you are the one affected by somebody driving the wrong way.

    Same for voter fraud. No big deal unless you are the one who loses an election by a small (minuscule) number of votes. No, wait. Maybe it could affect more prople. If, in the Prosser vs Kloppenburg election, there were less than 2 fraudulent votes per precinct there would be a very different make-up in the Wisconsin Supreme Court today and this recall might not be happening.

    And is that minuscule ? Not to the 1,498,388 voters in that election nor to the other Wisconsin citizens affected. So requiring a voter to prove he/she is who they say they are is not a minuscule matter.

  26. Cindy:

    I know you really want to engage me, but frankly, I don’t care much about what you comment. Especially when you make a harsh point that’s flat wrong.

    It’s too bad. I thought you might be one of the reasonable conservatives left. Apparently I was wrong about that, too.

    Consider this. When you’re ideas are no longer subject to challenge, then they stop being ideas and become doctrine.

    Adios, Cindy, and good luck to you! I shant be back.

  27. Randy,

    That assumes that every ‘fraud” vote was for one candidate and that there was fraud in the prosser/kloppenburg race(which there was, instead of a per precinct thing it was perpetuated by one clerk in Waukesha but thats a different post) .

  28. Ah, Phil. If only. I do believe you’ve threatened to leave at least once before. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  29. Randy in Richmond says:

    No Jeff, it doesn’t assume anything. I pointed out that voter ID is not a minuscule matter if one looks at the possibilities. The vote I referenced was after the re-count thus my “less than 2 votes” is a valid statement based on a net counting.

  30. Lets see if I would stand on the same public square as the petition people and beat a drum and yell shame shame shame would I be arrested ??

  31. by the way people I signed the request to verify…I would like to see a fair and legal process here.

    On Wisconsin

  32. “How stupid do you have to be to put your name, phone number, and email address on a petition that’s public?”

    Well, now you’ve got me wondering. Should petition signers be fearful of the possibility that you and others may well decide to pay some of us a visit at our home addresses? You recall verifying folks are members of the “public” … right? And you will be scrutinizing the petitions … right? And a high percentage of you extremist right-wing knuckleheads have anger management issues … right? We’re fucking doomed …

    Merry Christmas

  33. or maybe some like you and the other democrat will harass the honest people of this state.

    Your really show your class by the language you use slick…

  34. Randy in Richmond says:

    Your language reflects your intellect and your choice to not even use a pseudonym.

  35. Oh yeah, in the senate recalls a left winger was caught on tape destroying petitions, no charges. Death threats, no charges, example after example of left wingers going unhinged on people who are not interested in their petitions, no charges. Left wing outrage, absent.

    There are plenty of examples of people exibiting bad behavior on both sides but the law is being applied very selectively, as is the outrage.

    Nice job of changing the subject right away Spice. Typical left-wing move when you don’t want the actual issue discussed.

    This recall effort started strong but very quickly fell flat. Once the fraudulent signatures get tossed, I don’t think they’ll have enough. Oh the crying and blaming of Kathy Nicholas by Graeme and all you leftie nuts will be very funny to watch.

  36. Anonymous // Dec 14, 2011 at 11:05 am….

    Get help.

  37. Jeff Simpson, you are a lying piece of crap.

    Please prove any fraud by Kathy Nicholaus. There was an error in reporting but every single vote was scruitinized, there was no fraud.

    Just because you lack basic reason and logic skills does not mean there was any fraud.

  38. Freddie do you have a real example of the law being applied selectively?

    If you cant trust kathy nickolaus to run a clean and fair election who can you trust. Who cares if she takes the votes home on a computer that only she has access to, its not like she isnt trustworthy. I mean the only way I wouldnt trust her is if in her prior career she got busted messing with elections and democracy and maybe got immunity…..o shit!!!!!!! nevermind.

  39. Hey Simpson: where to you come up with your sure like to slander people…

    Yeah class with the language shows your age and IQ..

    your a real gem slick!

  40. Polar Bear says:

    Still crying over a verified simple mistake, Jeff?

    The GAB went over and over this. it’s not like they would allow votes from Mickey Mouse to be counted, eh?

    What about Winnebago, Kenosha, Grant counties?

    Or do you really want someone who claims victory on a 200 vote preliminary count trying to be judicious?