Ohio website announces Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker recall

I told you there wasn’t much love between Wisconsin lefty bloggers and Wisdems.

From the Ohio site New Dog Democrat:

First On The Scene: The word has spread that over 550,000 signatures have been gathered to recall Scott Walker! This means the movement is passing its first milestone. Now they must gather more signatures to pad its victory in case some are thrown out by the Secretary of State. The announcement is supposed to come tomorrow at noon. Some on the ground are expecting 1,000,000 signatures before the deadline in several weeks.

Ok, so the Secretary of State? But we discounted the leak about the halfway point earlier and it turned out to be true. WisDems will hold an announcement tomorrow at noon.

For the record, I am surprised. I didn’t think it could be done.


  1. I was pretty sure from the start that they would get the required number of signatures. What is unclear is whether they will be able to achieve the required number of valid signatures.

    Ironically, the laissez-faire attitude that WI Democrats have taken toward fraud may work against them in the signature review process as they may have difficulty in getting volunteers to gather hundreds of thousands more signatures after they have reached the required number.

  2. Cindy,

    I was going to be fairly easy for them to get the signatures.

    They had the recall unofficially start early with advanced signup sheets at Statefair and Summerfest
    They had project graveyard taking names off gravestones – West Bend
    They had smokes for signatures – Milwaukee
    They had signup as many times as you like courtesy of onewisconsinnow & GAB– all over the state
    They had “I signed 80 times” – Milwaukee
    They had Adolf Hitler & Mickey Mouse courtesy of GAB – all over the state
    They had circulators from other states courtesy of the PUP (Public Union Party)
    They HAVE the GAB which is biased and is a bunch of Doyle cronies

    By hook or by crook, they would get the signatures

  3. Funny how it goes from … They will never get enough signatures to of course they got enough because they cheated… Next up …… Voter fraud even with the disenfranchisement of thousands with the voter id laws in place. Denial at it’s finest. Walker is finished just accept it and move along he neither has the intelligence nor the savvy for the office he holds. It is only a matter of time until all of the skeletons are exposed and his political career is finished. I would say he could go be a lobbyist but I’m sure most of those positions require at least a bachelors degree. Better luck next time.

  4. Thetruth please discredit any of the items I listed. Please source with non-blog and use facts. You name is a true oxymoron. I will take a shot in the dark and say you are a liberal and to be a liberal is to be a hypocrite.

  5. Hey Truth, I already confessed I was surprised. I don’t think it’s necessary to roll over and play dead, though. If Walker is as finished as you say, it will happen in time. I’ve often explained I think there’s something that keeps him from being great, and he wasn’t my first choice, but I love, love, love, what he was able to accomplish.

    I will also remind you even if he’s replaced, there won’t be a way to overturn all that’s been done. We will simply have a stalemate government.

    Finally, I don’t think being a lobbyist requires a bachelors degree. Let me know if you drag up proof otherwise.

  6. Randy, how about you providing some supporting documentation yourself. As to you charge of hippocracy I suggest you look to the Republican nomination frontrunners as prime examples of what it is to be a hippocrite. Mitt (individual mandate) Romney and Newt ( family values) Gingrich have had many actions that contradict their stated positions. BTW: Ten years of reduced taxes have lead to the current economic situation. Why would further reductions lead to a different result? Apparently all conservatives are insane.

  7. Cindy,
    I don’t think you have taken into consideration that the entire assembly and several state Senate seats will also be contested this fall so the chances of a split government are not a lock as you have stated on more than one occasion. I am well aware that the newly gerrymandered districts will be in effect but in politics much as in life there are consequences to overreaching when you have a slight advantage. It seems as though Uncle Mo has switched sides in the past year but there is a long way to go. It should be interesting to say the least.

  8. In Ohio, the Secretary of State is the office that oversees the electoral process. The Ohio blogger must have thought that the Wisconsin Secretary of State does the same. What they don’t know is that our Secretary of State, Doug La Follette, only has the power to complain about more power being taken away from his office after each budget. I’m sure he has a salary and an expense account too.

    It sounds like the 550,000 number might be legitimate. If that’s the case, I’d say that’s shocking.

    It will be interesting to see how many people with the last name of “Mouse” live in Wisconsin.

  9. I hereby proclaim TheTruth the last remaining Democrat optimist in Wisconsin.

  10. Thetruth BTW nice Rules for Radicals tactic of making me do the work. I don’t have to take a shoot in the dark, you are a liberal!

    No, our economic problems started in 1977 and was made worse by Fanny and Freddy. Stop reading the bumper stickers the echo chamber gives you and do some reading.

    Thetruth gladly!

    The WISN link for the pre signup walker sheets at state fair didn’t work, so I will find it on youtube.







    Just don’t know where I can put the screenshots of the Wisconsin democrat website gravesite West Bend invitation and the purchase of the recall website. Email me your address and I will send them to you. rhollenbeck@gmail.com

  11. Forgot this

    Smokes for signatures

    And yes I am worried about voter fraud, given in the past we really were not looking for it.

    Say it Isn’t So – Three under investigation for possible voter fraud

    Not to mention, okay I am mentioning it, the Lena Taylor and her mother’s house mischief.

  12. Randy, I was going to ask about about the paid canvassers claim before your followup, as I’ve heard it often but have yet to see evidence. The link you provide is more of the same. It simply repeats Walker’s assumption, and provides no proof. Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me, but it yanks my chain when it keeps getting put out there with nothing to back it up.

    And Cindy, I too doubted the 540G was attainable. It’s really surprising the conviction behind this. I always thought the actual recall would be more of a sure bet than the sig collection, and am more of that mind now.

  13. Jim, when unitedwisconsin opens up their books when the lawsuits really hit, I think we will have the answer. This is following the tactic of Ohio and in Ohio there was 30% of the signatures were fraudulent. Any bets what it will be in Wisconsin?

  14. Can I assume the rest of your links do not say what you say they say?

  15. Jim,

    First, don’t assume and no they cover exactly what I said.

    Second, I didn’t say the people were paid, you did!

  16. @TheTruth, if lower taxes got us into this mess, why is Obama bragging about how he kept taxes low and won’t raise taxes on 95% of Americans?

  17. Lower taxes did not cause the mess. The mess was caused through predatory lending. Lower taxes simply have not helped the situation at all. Bush inherited a budget surplus from Clinton and promptly cut taxes negating any possibility of the debt being reduced. Lower taxes on the 95% makes since as they are the ones that spend the majority of their income and drive the economy. Lowering taxes on business does not promote growth through hiring. The only thing that will encourage a company to hire people is increased demand that they can’t meet with current staffing levels. Companies are always looking for ways to reduce or control labor costs. Lowering the tax rate on business only increases the bottom line on the p&l. Higher taxes would actually promote growth at a faster rate as it would encourage businesses to reinvest some of the profits back into their company to avoid the higher tax payout. I know that the less intelligent of those out there will not understand any of this but it is intact TheTruth.