Forming an opinion about Obama and Iraq

I set out this morning to do some research, find the links, and put it all together in a poignant yet scholarly essay on bringing our soldiers home from Iraq. That plan, however, directly conflicts with the Bah Humbug list that remains undone. Instead you will be reading my opinion with hopefully accurate facts and no links. My only goal here is to encourage you to think.

Bringing the troops home from Iraq is being somewhat dismissed by some conservatives and openly berated by others, and I’m not sure I’m cool with that. I think as a conservative it is very important to understand both the cost to the soldier and the cost to the nation in maintaining a presence in Iraq. We can’t afford either the human or the financial toll. But in acknowledging the fiscal expense and delighting in the troops safe return, it’s imperative we also concede:

Obama did something right.

He could have waited for this withdrawal in order to boost his poll numbers with the base just prior to November 2012. He did not. He could have made a campaign speech as the colors were returned home yesterday. He did not. He could have left the troops in Iraq in an awkward time frame that would come close to the definition of occupation. He did not. He could have kept Iraq in the budget for years. He did not.

In fact, the only complaint I have about the way he handled the removal of troops from Iraq is the very public timeline. Of course I think there should be a timeline. I disagree that every housewife in America has the right to know such information and of course, neither does the enemy.

So, Republicans and conservatives everywhere, be careful. Articulate your position clearly on this issue. Welcome our soldiers home with love and respect and jobs. Pray for stability in the Middle East. Admit Obama may have this one right or risk sounding silly. Remember how easily discounted one’s opinion can be when that opinion is always critical.


  1. well stated. whether it be a war, an occupation of another country or to overthrow a dictator, once the troops are there we need to be PATRIOTS. wars and near wars are full of trial and error missions. so is life. both need support.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    After reading your admonishments Cindy, I still believe the following.

    Obama is making a mistake not leaving a token force in Iraq. This decision to announce to the world (housewives included) our departure schedule is unprecedented. I have no problem removing the bulk of our troops but to remove our entire military presence from a country next door to Iran is troubling. Yea, I’m aware of the immunity issue but if the administration had desired to do so, that could have been worked out.

    I believe historically this will not be a feather in Obama’s cap.