Poor Newt. Poor, poor Newt.

First, just to appease certain FC contributors, I’ll mention that Rassmussen shows Romney ahead in Iowa.

Iowa: Romney 25% Paul 20% Gingrich 17%

Now, because you won’t believe me if I just pop up a link, type NewtGingrich.com into your browser’s URL and see where it takes you. I’ll wait a minute…

Uh-huh. That’s courtesy the Facebook feed of our reader Nick, who tells me you should try it more than once for the full effect of the prank.

For those asking, the official Newt website is Newt.org. The NewtGingrich.com site is owned (according to WhoIs) by proxy. That’s what people do when they want to remain anonymous. Check out those dates, though.

Someone has patiently owned the domain name since 2003 and waited until yesterday to update it.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    That’s the net’s version of call forwarding, I guess. To my knowledge he’s never denied his affiliation with the site–as he shouldn’t have to. That wouldn’t even be on my list concerning Newt, if I had a list.

  2. Heard from a well connected Republican friend that, before he ramped up his talk show and was still mostly writing, Sykes was selected to write the authorized Newt autobiography. He spent a very short amount of time before giving up, apparently characterizing Gingrich as an a**.

  3. I figure Newt will completely implode the moment some smart opponent pops up video of him holding the Contract with America and ticking through everything he either didn’t do himself or produce as leadership back then.