An Early Christmas Gift for Wisconsin Republicans

The union mob seems to have some suicidal tendencies.  They decided that a close recall election is not a good idea, they want to lose and lose big!

How else do you explain them trying to talk Tom Barrett out of running against Walker in favor of incompetent leftist Kathleen Falk?  Former Dane County Executive Falk is best known for negligence in failing to follow the guidance of consultants regarding updating very old technology in the county’s 911 center.  This oversight had fatal consequences when the 911 center failed to dispatch to UW-Madison student Brittney Zimmerman’s apartment, leading to Zimmerman’s tragic death.  Falk then made matters worse by publicly denying that Zimmerman even called the 911 Center.

With all the incompetence, one wonders what appeal the unionistas see in Falk.  It sure isn’t past successes from a electoral history standpoint.  Falk finished behind both Doyle and Barrett in the Democratic primary for Governor in 2002, lost to JP Van Hollen for attorney general in the huge Democratic year of 2006, and couldn’t even muster 60% in her 2009 race for Dane County Executive.

I’m pretty sure that a candidate with so much baggage who can’t even manage 60% in Dane county is no threat to beat Walker.  So please, union bosses, keep fighting for Falk over Barrett.  Oh, and while you are in a gift-giving mood, if you could run Tammy for Senate instead of someone electable like Ron Kind, that would be great as well.  Oh my, you already did that too?  Wow!  Maybe I love you guys more than I realized!


  1. Well I guess I can take that one off my after Christmas list. We may need to talk about it more.

    Who has been telling you the Democratic party has been pillaged by the unions in Wisconsin?