The Big Butt Theory

Just in case you were a little busy before Christmas and missed it, Wisconsin 5th District Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner made a bit of a media splash by demanding First Lady Michelle Obama had a “big butt.” Of course, my classy congressman shared his opinion so loudly someone overheard and conveyed the revelation to a reporter.

Sensenbrenner has since apologized. Sadly, Sensebrenner gets to be as big an ass as he wants. It’s his rich male birthright, after all, for us to tolerate his boorish behavior. I wish he’d apologize to his electorate by not running for re-election.

Mrs. Obama and I share that large posterior problem. I know the heartache of being singled out. In fact, when I was elected in Brookfield one of the departments heads sent me an e-mail wondering if “the vast expansion of my ass was putting pressure on my pea sized brain.” The wunderkind did so anonymously from the City Hall IP where it was easily traced. He didn’t know my pea sized brain could find the source IP from the code attached to the email. He was allowed to quickly resign. No one ever admitted the email came from inside City Hall.

In hindsight (sorry, I had to do that), and though it was really unpleasant at the time, I bonded with a life-long friend over the matter. The reporter who wrote the stories is still a good friend today. I have no idea what happened to the former department head. He was from a wealthy family, too.

When I argue it’s tough to be a woman in politics, I’m not kidding. Michelle Obama does not deserve to be treated so poorly.

And Jim Sensenbrenner?

I have a theory he won’t be getting my vote no matter how much he waves.


  1. Keith Schmitz says:

    Irony alert.

  2. My fear is that this comment is a net positive for Sensenbrenner in that there were more district 5 Republicans who thought “Yes! Great! Way to stick it to the Obamas!” than District 5 Republicans who thought “I don’t like Obama’s policies either, but that sort of personal attack is pathetic.” (And of course, since the only way Sensenbrenner could ever lose would be in a primary), the Republicans are the only ones whose opinions are relevant in this instance.

    If my fear is in fact true, it saddens me a great deal.

  3. there is little civility left in politics and the use of the “kings english” or any english at all has given way to the nasty language of slang. our leaders must raise the bar and show some class and dignity. this goes in all facets of life. commuinication skills have diminished and the email, twitter and cell phone allows one to hide behind their persona. we used to talk to each other eyeball to eyeball without fear of our facial expressions being noticed. too bad its become local.

  4. I don’t know of Jim Senselessbrenner from Adam but it appears from his photo he is not aware of the ” those that live in glass houses….”
    verse from the Bible.

  5. Politics aside, Jim Sensenbrenner is a dolt.

  6. Well, Randy, consider yourself lucky that you don’t know him from Adam .. he’s an idiot.

    He’s an arrogant ass. He votes in favor of himself and no one else. He is an embarrassment to the citizens he represents.

    He is on record for not thinking he is accountable to anyone.

    I am hopeful that a certain SOMEBODY would run against him and that SOMEBODY knows she could win with enough proper planning and a decent machine in place. Instead she’s whiling away. And SHE knows who she is too.

    (I whine about this and usually Apple vs PC and Uverse vs TW… I will win all 3 eventually .. it’s a matter of time) (smile)

  7. SOMEBODY couldn’t be elected dog catcher around here according to some currently in power. You are very charming Wilson828. Wrong, but charming.

  8. Good to hear from you Wilson.


  9. Happy New Year to you too Randy… (smile)

    I’ve been called charming before.. it’s something I live with.. I’m okay with that.

    It’d give us both something to do.. we can drag Randy into it too. Just think of the fun. Nothing like a good ole fashion pot stirring.

  10. I love when Wilson828 is around here 🙂 I agree about that certain SOMEBODY. SOMEBODY, there are always going to be naysayers – so what?! And, Wilson828 is right about Apple and Uverse…you know he is! 😉

  11. I’m being swindled on my own blog. Oy vey.

    (Oh, and I just popped for digital cable and 50mb/s internet last week. So far, amazing.)

  12. I don’t know if this will ever happen, but I’d REALLY like to see Dale Kooyenga take over that seat someday.

  13. “the Republicans are the only ones whose opinions are relevant in this instance.”

    Is Ryan striving for Jerk Of The Week award?

  14. No, anonymous, that would be you.

    Ryan’s point is absolutely true. A Democrat would never win the seat – especially with the new district lines – and the Republicans would be choosing the candidate who would be the eventual winner.

    Tough job living in the real world, huh?

  15. If I said that the Republicans in Nancy Pelosi’s district are not relevant, would that also make me a jerk?

  16. You all have drifted from the main point of my posting.

    But there is a distraction worth discussing … maybe .. this is typical CK methodology … throw in this nugget and then walk away without detail of explanation knowing damn right well the geek’s thirst for more info…

    CK: (Oh, and I just popped for digital cable and 50mb/s internet last week. So far, amazing.)

    50 mbs? who delivers this? Digital cable is Uverse… what performance enhancements do you see? How much does that cost? Why did you do that?

    While that befuddles her to account for the techie insert she thought she’d distract us with .. back on point….

    There is more you have to do yet. You have more to contribute yet. Your work is not done.

    (insert socialistic heavenly music)

    See the effect I’m aiming for here is like soul searching moment and feeling like in the movie Mr Deeds goes to Washington… I’m not articulating this well.. I knew I shoulda done this with wine. Anyway….

    “Mrs Kilkenny goes to Washington” …. could be a movie some day … could too!!!

  17. Ah, Wilson828. You may have to buy me lunch next week so I can explain why I can’t possibly run and stay married.

    I did the Signature Home from Time Warner. I started pricing it all separately and decided the $199.99 a month entry for a year was a good enough deal. We have whole house DVR with two recorders (for 4 recordings at a time), unlimited long distance for the phone, and 50 mb/s download and 5 mb/s upload which is five times more than I had. The upload is a big deal given how much I upload photos, etc. Plus, they brought in another wireless router that had ethernet ports on the back, so we disabled it and put my good N router in a great location and hard wired stuff in the office. So far the signal has been wonderful. Up time has always been good in this location for broadband.

    So that’s it. The family finally moved into the 21st century and now we have HD and a DVR. I never have to leave the couch. Well, sort of…

  18. omg .. i’m actually jealous… all that technology from time warner? who’d of thought?


    i’m stunned and speechless.


    marriage is over rated.. you need to run for office it’s a calling.. you’re catholic and somewhere i bet part Italian.. you need to do this.. guilt alone will drive you nuts until you do.

  19. “I never have to leave the couch.”

    Yes, and that explains why you have a FAT ASS!

  20. No, a Catholic convert and although I’m a a complete European mutt, Italian isn’t anywhere in the mix. Dutch, Irish, German, English, French…I think that’s about it.

    Anonymous – I’m letting that one stand just to prove you are a jerk. You don’t even care to change your IP. Amateur.

  21. Congrats Cindy. This is the first place I have seen call him out from the right! Kudos to you and Happy New Year.