MJS road to nowhere

Oh, good grief. I hate to tell them, but I don’t read much of what they write anyway. Can I do without Bice’s usual grump sessions? Yep.

I quit subscribing about three months ago. I do get their RSS news feed, but of all they put out, I click on about two a day to read a sentence or two. I click on about two of those a week to see what’s been said.

To be honest, this is great for bloggers. No one will make a decision right away to add the digital subscription. Everyone who already gets the print version has digital access. That means those reluctant to pay will be coming to the blogs for more of the story. And that means bloggers should have better access than ever before to the news makers in our state’s political realm. So you guys just add me to the list when you are sending out those press releases. My email is to the right. I’ll continue to snoop on my own.

I’ve always respected a strict code of conduct regarding reprinting others’ content. That will continue. I have varied from that to reprint articles of real importance regarding public figures that have been secluded behind paid archives. It doesn’t come up very often, but I’ll probably do that again if I can’t find another source.

So MJS, good luck with your plan. It is a changing world. It either works or it doesn’t.


  1. MJS doesn’t get it. They haven’t for a long time.

    I too don’t care. I don’t read their rag.

    They lost their core of reporters that were decent about 10 years ago. And even then the manner in which the news was reported was suspect in that it all too often didn’t reflect what really was said or happening.

    Everything from bigot Eugene Kane’s rants to Laurel Walker’s misconceptions about right and wrong often packaged in little cutesie word plays.

    I ditched the newsprint edition years ago saving only the Sunday edition at the instance of the spouse. But that will go too – there’s nothing in the paper. There is no good reporting anymore. Hasn’t been for years.

  2. Is JSOnline’s content worth reading when it’s free? Yes, but I only read it once in a while. Is JSOnline’s content worth reading when it costs $4.60 a week or more for the daily edition? Not at all.

    I guess it’s time to break off my relationship off with the Journal Sentinel completely.