Go Jim Doyle!

Go read this. Here’s a teaser:

In 2009, then Gov. Jim Doyle’s administration took over supervision of the county income maintenance programs, citing a history of shortcomings by the county.

Big group hug for Abele? That’s gonna be awkward. Cursing Scott Walker? Not going to do anyone much good.

Who could have possibly guessed former Governor Jim Doyle would win my applause.

Is it a crazy mixed up state right now or what?

(And shoot. Maybe I am going to miss the MJS just a little bit.)


  1. Some interesting points that both you and the article left out:

    1) The take over of the program was spurred by a class action lawsuit caused by Walker’s refusal to adequately staff the call center. Without Doyle’s actions, you would be facing big tax hikes to pay for Milwaukee County’s poor people.

    2) Walker at the time blasted the move, but as governor, didn’t give it back like he said it should be, but actually took it a step farther. This move, btw, increased spending too.

    3) I’d be careful citing Sanfelippo. He’s got some ethics issues coming down, while not as big as Walkergate, will give him some serious problems. Imagine, a politician failing to recuse himself from votes that actually benefit his taxi company.

    So what you’re cheering is a completely avoidable waste of taxpayer dollars. caused by your hero, Scott Walker, at every turn.

    I won’t wait up for your irresponsible and hypocritical denial of facts.

  2. Facts? Who needs facts. Obviously not you Capper or you’d give a little better backup. I knew you’d find a way to blame Walker. I just knew it.

    It’s still a really funny feeling to want to high five Jim Doyle. The only fact to take away from that article is that Milwaukee County government is now smaller by 209 employees.

  3. When I linked the article and the title used the verb “upends”, my curiosity was peaked–as fired, released, laid-off, etc. were passed over to describe the action taken. Further reading reveals that 37 employees actually will most likely lose their jobs because they elected not to apply for state positions doing essentially the same duties. My question is why did they not choose to change to state employment ? Sure I understand their change in benefits but that is paltry when compared to losing one’s job completely.

    I would compare the first paragraph of the article paramount to printing in the paper in January of 2011 that Scott Walker was losing his job as County Executive.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a title worthy of your anal-yses, Randy:

    Lazy, good-for-nothing, sugar-daddy-supported, pretentious Christian bitch revels in the fact that 209 people have lost their livelihoods

    Have at it Randal.

  5. I thought about pulling your comment, and I still may, but I do think it’s important everyone understand just how nasty Democrats in the state of Wisconsin are when they are losing.

  6. How many times has it been commented on here that when the left has no argument they get personal ? I’m glad you didn’t pull the comment Cindy because I revel in how some can’t deal with the truth, or fair questions, about an issue-especially those unwilling to even choose a pseudonym to identify themselves.

    In response to Anon’s ” have at it ” I will comment on the truthful part of his ‘title’ for me :