Rombots for Perry

If there’s any other Romney fans out there, here’s what you ought to do:  Donate to Rick Perry!

Here’s why….  the next 10 states that have primaries/caucus are as follows:   NH, SC, FL, NV, ME, CO, MN, AZ, MI, WA

If Romney wins SC, he will go on to win the first 11 contests and it will all be over.

Now, it is probably over anyway, but there is a chance that if Santorum wins SC, he could also do well in Florida and who knows what could happen from there.

Perry staying in the race will hurt Santorum more than Romney.  It is very analogous to Fred Thompson staying in the race to prevent Huckabee from beating McCain in SC in 2008.

When Perry got in, us Romney fans were not happy.  But now, Rick, please do us a favor and stay in just a little longer…. if nothing else, you can fine-tune those debating skills a bit more. 🙂