Tim Russell’s been arrested.

Just to remind those about to go bonkers, Russell worked for Governor Scott Walker at the county, he does not work for him now.

This has taken a very long time. I’m curious as to how much the evidence differs from that of Chris Liebenthal who got a few unpaid days and a slap on the wrist.

It will be interesting to see if you are treated differently depending upon your political leanings. I don’t think Capper was even arrested.

I also don’t think much will come out of this. The news is out on a Friday. As in the news dump. As in not much to see, move along. (I was just informed by my lovely daughter that today is Thursday. I soooo need it to be a regular week soon.)

Other updates:

Theft from a business? That’s really going to disappoint some folks.

Here’s the CCAP listing.


  1. Chisholm has probably been timing the charges to help the recall effort. They need something negative they can connect to Walker right about now.

    Damn, it’s not Friday…