Oh how I love you, Chris Christie

Simply brilliant.


  1. I might be able to get my head around a Romney/Christie ticket.

    Jack Welch just called Romney “the most qualified candidate I’ve seen run for president.” Welch isn’t everyone’s idea of warm and fuzzy, but the guy does money very well and I’ve learned to respect his opinion.

  2. I had always thought Romney would move right for a VP (Ryan, Rubio, etc.) but when I watch this video, I can’t but think that Christie is auditioning for VP and doing a dang good job of it.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Christie were the VP nominee. He isn’t a lock to be re-elected as governor next year, so the more exposure he gets, the better. If Romney wins, that’s great for Christie. If Obama wins, that could be great for Christie, too (assuming he wins re-election in 2013), in that it opens the door for 2016.

  4. Not the best camera angle for Chris Christie I’ve ever seen.

  5. Indeed. I had a friend mention he looks heavier in person than on camera. I instantly felt paranoid.