Sorry, I’m not terribly creative this morning, and that’s about the only word that fits my thinking on this one. You see, WSEU has put out a press release whining about a worker being asked to remove his AFSCME logo shirt at the workplace.

On Jan. 5, a long-time employee of Lincoln Hills Schools was ordered by his supervisor to remove his green shirt bearing an AFSCME logo – even though Lincoln Hills has no dress code prohibiting the wearing of any type of clothing except items that feature messages about drugs, alcohol or sex.

When the worker, Ron McAllister, refused to remove his t-shirt, he was sent home.

Now that’s the only information from the release pertinent to the situation. Could it be a problem? Maybe. Depends on a couple of things. Is the dress code really as stated here? Do the students have a code that prohibits political messages? (A lot of schools do, and if it’s the case here, one might successfully argue employees are obliged as well.) My point is that the complaint is a complaint. But is it necessarily one for a press release?

Read how this goofball spins it.

Not satisfied stripping worker rights – they now want to strip workers’ (sic) of their clothes

Bauch said disciplining workers over the color of their shirt shows just how far the Walker administration will go to try to intimidate workers. “They are sitting around thinking of ways to bully people and it’s undermining morale, efficiency and safety in the workplace,” he said.

In other words, the union is comfortable with blatantly lying to you even though the facts they presented a few paragraphs earlier state otherwise. That’s the kind of integrity the WSEU evidently possesses and desires to convey.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I was reared in a union household. I know I owe trade unions a lot. But when a union chooses to embarrass themselves so stridently, well, I’m obligated to state, “bullshit.” WSEU has no desire to create a better working environment for anyone in Wisconsin, and that press release just proved it.

You might recall that while the t-shirt was said to be green, the request to remove the shirt was about the logo. It doesn’t stop the union from claiming a worker was bullied and disciplined for the color of the shirt. They also claim that the Walker Administration made the decision to request a shirt change, not a supervisor at Lincoln Hills School.

It’s exactly that kind of rhetoric, that kind of lying to escalate a situation that was little more than a personnel matter, that makes me want to continue to fight in this state until unions of this attitude are entirely gone from our schools.

By the way, if you read a little further you’ll see the worker is said to have come the next day “to work in union garb and was again ordered to remove his union clothing, which involved multiple layers down to his underwear. After putting him through an embarrassing wringer, supervisors relented and said McAllister could stay for the day.”

Please, forgive me, but I think I’m going to need a little more proof than this release writer’s word on the matter. After all, it appears someone never let the poor mistreated worker wear more than his underwear for the day. 😉


  1. “dress code prohibiting the wearing of any type of clothing except items that feature messages about drugs, alcohol or sex.”

    At this point in time one can consider the union logo under the “drug” classification. No other way to explain the lies and foaming at the mouth behaviour.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    Unions in Virginia are few and far between. To air all I was a member of a union, not by choice, but because it was the only way I could procure a particular employment a few years ago. I do not regret joining as the employment opportunity was a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.

    While reading Cindy’s post I am wondering what would motivate either (a) a “longtime” worker to wear a union shirt for the first time on the job, or (b) a supervisor to request a “longtime” worker to remove his logo-shirt, apparently for the first time. My first thought is that there is more involved here–something we don’t know. I am sure that in the structured personnel morass that must exist for this school system, this issue is addressed. This cannot be the first time this has come up. I suspect we will shortly find out more info as the local media look into this.

    I did discover this. The longtime employee or worker, is a past president of Local #6 WSEU and is presently a member of the Executive Board : Council 24: AFL-CIO under the AFSCME banner. Do I believe this was an isolated incident ? Absolutely not. Time will reveal more details.


  3. Ah man. You two are awesome. Excellent point, leapin. And Randy, as usual, thanks for your excellent research ability.