Why not blame Tommy Thompson?

I have to make it quick because I need to get to lifting, but it dawned on me yesterday (and I didn’t get around to it) that Governor Tommy Thompson started Tim Russell’s career in politics, not Scott Walker, and I haven’t seen one lefty proclaim Thompson’s culpability.

Not one!

Think on that for a bit this morning and I’ll get back to it this afternoon.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. “Why not blame Tommy Thompson?”

    Because the objective is not to blame somebody, it is to connect Scott Walker to something negative. A task that will not be easy to do given Scott’s integrity.

  2. Wait. What? Where did Russell go to college? When? Who was his adviser? What groups did he belong to?

  3. Interesting jimspice. Your questions indicate you think Russell’s character is Russell’s alone.

    Glad we can agree.

  4. “Scotts Integrity” now that could be the funniest oxymoron I have ever seen! thanks for the morning laugh!

    He was an Eagle Scout dont ya know. His integrity was in full display on his koch brothers call.

    Thanks A million!!

  5. Jeff
    I read a transcript of the entire “punked’ phone call to which you refer. Please point out what walker said that would impune his integrity. I’m not referring to the newspaper guy who placed the call because the transcript is full of him exhibiting his lack of integrity.

    And the fact that Walker and his staff were fooled has nothing to do with integrity.


  6. To repeat myself from JSOnline this morning.

    “Thank you Lord for bringing Scott Walker to Wisconsin. He alone has done so much to counter corrupt state government. I’m so glad we have a true leader who is not afraid to make tough decisions to put Wisconsin back on track.”

    I’m gettin’ all Tebow ’cause of it’s irritative coefficient amongst those who have yet to grow up.

  7. randy,

    We have differing standards obviously for the elected head of the state. This call had absolutely nothing to do with Ian Murphy, he is not the story, the story is Walker here.

    I am not going to waste my time going over the whole phone call because you guys will defend him no matter what. To listen to scott talk about adding violence into the mix and ONLY not doing it because they felt it would not be a political winner for their side(I guess no one has told the right wing thuggery that during the recall drive), shows exactly who he is as a person. No need to defend him here, since it is indefensible and I have heard every attempt at it possible, just know that Madison Police Chief Noble Wray agrees with me.

    I wonder if Frank Luntz told him violence wouldnt help or who actually made that call?

  8. I haven’t seen one lefty proclaim Russell’s fourth grade teacher culpable.

    Not one!

    Kilkenny, you’re such a fucking idiot at times.

  9. You like that word, don’t you, anonymous? Well this time I’m going to let it stand, because sooner or later others will see what I’m up against and help me out a bit.

    I’m also going to start making your IP public., Luxemborg Wisconsin. I will have to look that up.

    It always makes me a little sad to see someone as angry as you are on a subject like politics. I hope things get easier for you soon.