Make your support known for clean elections in Wisconsin

Today is a hearing for three bills to help prepare Wisconsin for careful elections. If you want the Senator’s office to register your support at the hearing, you’ll need to include your name and a full address. From We’re Watching Wisconsin:

Please, if you cannot attend the hearing, email Sen. Grothman’s and Sen. Lazich’s office telling them of your support for each of these bills so it is part of the public record. One or two sentences is sufficient.

Senators: I fully support the passage of the following bills: SB 292, SB 367,and SB 374.

It is that simple, folks. Of, course you can give further comments if you so desire. Please join us in supporting our legislators.

Thank you,
Were Watching Wisconsin Elections

Dear Taxpayers,

Below is an updated public hearing notice on numerous clean elections bills that will be taking place here at your State Capitol tomorrow starting at 10 a.m. in Room 330-Southwest.

If you are able to attend the hearing in person, please do. If this is not possible and you would like to submit a statement, feel free to forward your comments to and we will be glad to submit them on your behalf.

Senate Bill 292 – addresses the issue over the last several months when Senator Lena Taylor called for the boycott of businesses because individual employees as private citizens supported Governor Walker and Republican candidates. This bill would not require the disclosure of a citizen’s employer.

Senate Bill 367 – prohibits multiple signatures on recall petitions following the age-old principle of One Person: One Vote.

Senate Bill 374 – the genesis of this bill came when a legislator was contacted by a constituent who was involved in a situation in which recall organizers were paying individuals sign recall petitions.

The text of all bills can be accessed by clicking here and going to the lower left corner:

As always, feel free to share this timely information with others.

Working for Wisconsin’s Families,
Jolene, Staffer
Senator Glenn Grothman’s Office
20th Senate District


  1. looks like Breitbardts little buddy just committed fraud to prove to the world that we dont need Voter ID bills.

  2. O’Keefe’s an idiot, but that has nothing to do with our need for tighter policies in Wisconsin.

    Besides, if it all passes, you get something new about which to complain bitterly.

  3. sure it does, it shows that if you vote illegally your gonna get caught….

    Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna do, Whatcha gonna do when they come for you….

    This silly legislation is just meant to waste taxpayer money for political theatre, and we know from Rebeccaforreal that every bit they dont have to spend will go right to the schools and helping our children!!!

  4. You’re ridiculous now.

    Hey, I did notice WisDems put out a fundraising request on the big bad Koch Bros.

    1) Nice job touting the party line, especially since I think you are one of those “not a Democrat” Democrats, and

    2) I am fascinated that less than a week before the deadline for signatures WisDems feels the only way they can raise money is to invoke the Bros. Koch. I am very curious as to how those numbers look.