Impending Depression

All this election stuff. The continued strife in the middle east. The Korean issue. Iran and the bomb. Over 8% unemployment. Gasoline prices going upward. Can’t make a putt. The price of gold and silver going down. Occupy everything. Jobless claims up again. Sugar Bowl lost on bad call. It just goes on…

But this news is worse than all that. I may even be a little depressed. It’s been in the papers, on the TV, on the net, and all over the financial news recently. Heaven help us. Hostess Brands has filed it’s second bankruptcy in the past decade and the Twinkie may be in trouble. A staple of my diet for half a century and it may go the way of the dodo bird. A simple little design that fulfills every taste bud implanted in our mouths and oh goodness, there’s another one for now or later.

My world is shaken just a little more by this news that the cream-filled delites may soon be a taste of the past. I guess the best way for me to try and keep the delites around is to buy even more of them–something I can force myself to do.


  1. Anonymous
    For someone with such a foul mouth that’s sure a pretty church down at the Hubbard Street intersection from where you made your entry yesterday.