Fitzgerald recall announcement coming today

Certain folks left of the aisle are pumped because they’ve collected the necessary number of signatures to force a recall election for Senate Leader Scott Fitzgerald.

They’ll be talking about it soon, from what I hear.

I suppose the GAB will have to vet those signatures, too. And the election could actually be on a date separate from the gubernatorial decision if that happens.

More spending courtesy Wisconsin unions.

And isn’t it quiet out there?


  1. Do you think “elect and recall” will become the model for Wisconsin in the future? Say, for instance, that either Walker and/or Fitzgerald are recalled this summer. Would it make sense to start making plans to recall their successors that very day? Get the organization in place so that on Year 2, Day 1, the signature gathering can begin?

  2. I hope the Wisconsin Democrats are as successful in their recall efforts as the Green Bay Packers are in the playoffs this year. 😉

  3. Actually these expenses are courtesy of the politicians who are being recalled. If they were not so dishonest, and in Fitz’s case so often breaking the law, there would not be a groundswell of support to recall them.

    KPOM go ahead if you really think you can get that many signatures in that short of time for a democrat,…..have at it.

  4. Walker broke no laws. Neither did Fitzgerald. Certainly the legislation was controversial, and they took advantage of special rules for special sessions, but they were completely legal. Remember that the 14 Democrats in the state Senate attempted to thwart valid legislation by leaving the state. Naturally, I’m guessing that many of these same people also supported President Obama’s “recess appointments” that were made when the US Senate wasn’t even in recess.