One million signatures

I am quite certain WisDems counted every one. Isn’t it a coincidence it’s such an even number?

If the counts hold, there are a governor, a lt. governor, and four senators recalled.

Here’s a photo from Jessica Arp’s Twitter feed with the details:

And all joking aside, these numbers should provide an adequate buffer. Though there will like be multiple contortions, it’s pretty clear we’re looking at a recall.

I don’t suppose Scott Walker and Co. are clever enough to bring it on as quickly as possible. Am I the only one who sees merit in shortening the path to the vote?

1) He’s cashed up
2) There’s still no Dem candidate
3) Dems haven’t been able to raise money
4) The quicker it happens, the less we have to hear about it.

Get voters to the polls next week (aka as soon as possible) and we’re done with what is likely a much better outcome for Walker – and the rest of us. Wouldn’t it be a strange twist of fate if the decision to get the GAB on the hook to verify signatures actually cost him down the road?


  1. Run, Cindy, Run!

    In all seriousness, Wisconsin sounds like a good place to set up camp if you are a political consultant. With millions of dollars in Super-PAC money likely to be pouring in from both sides, there’s a lot of money to be made.

    Plus, this election will be happening around the time of the nominating conventions for president. It may be an early sign of President Obama’s chances. If Walker holds on, it may not bode well for Obama. It will be interesting to see if Obama does some early campaigning in Wisconsin with whomever the Democrats nominate (or if that person even wants Obama around).

  2. Wilson828 says:

    Oh my.

    Yes I agree … get to the polls super fast…. for all the reasons stated… yup.. for sure!!!

  3. I think even if Walker announced tonight that he wouldn’t challenge the signatures that the Democrats would find a way to drag it out long enough so that they can start raising money and get Super-PAC ads out. Remember, anyone can file a challenge. They could file some fake challenges if it looks like they need more time.

  4. Walker needs the election fast since Wisconsin is still hemmoraging jobs due to the ram rod passage of Act 10 as well as other ultra conservative agenda items.

  5. ??? Wisconsin still has a much lower unemployment rate than Illinois, which is union heaven.