Neumann’s quarterly numbers

They aren’t bad. What’s even more important – he didn’t put any of his own money into the campaign. It means he’s more confident.

I’d show you the filing but I can’t find it yet. Instead, I’ll be lazy and pop up the entire press release:

Neumann Campaign: Mark Neumann raises $820,000 in 4 months

7,450 Contributions
$518,000 in 4th Quarter alone
No Contribution from Neumann Himself

Waukesha, WI – Mark Neumann announced that since he entered the race for United States Senate four months ago he raised $820,000 from 7,450 contributions. None of the contributions were from Mark Neumann himself. In the fourth quarter alone Neumann raised $518,000 from nearly 6,000 contributions.

“People support me because I’m the most conservative candidate in the race. I’m honored that thousands of people have contributed to my campaign,” Neumann stated. “I’ve won five straw polls and have collected thousands in small dollar donations because I’m a conservative with a plan to balance the budget and repeal ObamaCare. And people have responded.”

Neumann’s campaign manager, Chip Englander, added, “$820,000 in four months is a serious number. But even more importantly is that it came from nearly 7,500 contributions. And 92% of our contributions last quarter were for $100 or less. No other Republican in this race will be able to match our broad base of supporters. These grassroots supporters can give again and again and again.”

I’ll let you know when Tommy Thompson’s pop up.


  1. The Lorax says:

    Or it means he’s less confident this time so he’s not putting his own skin in the game. Or it means he’s not blowing even more money on what will probably be a failed run.

  2. Hmmm. Ok. I suppose you could think of it that way, too. I did suggest it would be in the comparison with Thompson’s numbers. Any argument with that?

  3. My prediction: Thompson will raise slightly more, but from fewer donors.

  4. Professional Jobber

  5. I am curious about Fitzgerald’s numbers. Not a soul that I know sees him as a contender; but, then, I’m a Neumann supporter.