Verify the Recall is getting a little creepy

They’ve been adamant on their Facebook page that they are too! relevant the last couple of days. Today I received an email which includes:

Verify The Recall expects to uncover more facts than the GAB, The Democrat Party of Wisconsin, or the Republican Party of Wisconsin. In addition to checking for duplicate names, fake names, and improper paperwork, Verify The Recall is the only organization who has announced its intention to fact-check recall petitions for:

Deceased persons
Underage signers
Non-existent addresses
Non-logical addresses (such as industrial warehouses)

Verify The Recall is the only organization that has announced its intention to make our database publicly accessible and searchable.

This may be nothing more than a True the Vote opportunity for expansion.

That said, I’m still willing to do my part, but really only if the couple or three groups looking to verify work in cooperation.

I’m still a fan of assuming there’s a recall and holding it in a few weeks, but I’m thinking that ship might have sailed since the GAB is on the hook for weeks of work to simply ready the petitions.


  1. There is a category of fraud that will be undetectable. People who have signed the names and addresses of their friends, family members, and neighbors who they believe have no interest in the politics of the recall. These names and addresses are “valid”. Sure these situations might be able to be detected by “verify the recall” but only when a person has an interest in doing the search to see if their name appears on a petition.

  2. Excellent point, leapin. Thanks for mentioning it.

    That does make Verify the Recalls work important in that area.