SC Primary Predictions

Cindy and I were right on the mark in Iowa, both calling a close Santorum win.  Can anyone outdo us in SC?  Post your best guess in the comments.

My prediction is a little different than what the polls are saying right now….

Newt 38%
Romney 31%
Santorum 15%
Paul 14%
Others 2%


  1. Wilson828 says:

    It ain’t Newt.

    I don’t like Newt. I think he’s an idiot. And horribly self serving.

    I don’t like Sennsenboober either though.

    Oh well.

  2. Newt 35%
    Romney 33%
    Santorum 16%
    Paul 15%
    Others 1%

    Come one Wilson828! How much fun would it be to have a bombastic president?

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    Romney 35 %
    Newt 34
    Santorum 16
    Paul 14
    Other 1

  4. Cain 30%
    Newt 25%
    Romney 20%
    Santorum 15%
    Paul 10%

  5. Romney 35
    Gingrich 35
    Paul 14
    Santorum 14
    Perry 1
    Others 1

  6. Fox News (and I assume the others) called it for Gingrich as soon as the polls closed. it must be a pretty big win.

  7. Based on CNN’s exit poll, it will be Gingrich 38, Romney 28, Santorum 15-16, Paul 14-15, Perry 1.

  8. Holy cow!

  9. 40 27 is freaking huge!

  10. Now all the also-rans will have to cop to their kinky pasts to have any future chance.

  11. J. Strupp says:

    People down there do realize that Newt is a piece of human garbage right? I’m sure S.C. conservatives are turned off by Romney but come on.

  12. Is it time for someone to jump into the race and hope for a brokered convention? It’s obvious no one in the race truly satisfies the GOP.

  13. BrkfldDad says:

    Given Newt’s background, I bet if Romney would just admit to polygamy he’d have the nomination seen up

  14. BrkfldDad says:


    That’s how much sense nominating Newt makes to me.

  15. Bdad! Shame on you.

    Hello, by the way. Good to know you are around.

  16. Newt’s a good debater, but his positions are going to scare off independents and right-leaning Democrats who might otherwise give the GOP a shot.

    The longer this drags out, the more likely an Obama victory looks, barring something dramatic like a brokered convention that drafts a Chris Christie or Mitch Daniels. Romney would be clocked by Obama in the debates. Gingrich would be out-done by Obama’s clockwork organization and money. Plus, the economy is starting to pick up. It isn’t doing well, but it is doing better enough where it won’t be as strong a campaign issue as it would have been last year.

  17. “Romney would be clocked by Obama in the debates. ”

    Strongly disagree. If you ask most independents (i.e. the voters who matter the most in a presidential election) they will say they have been generally impressed with Romney’s performance in the debates. I think they will say the same about the Romney vs. Obama presidential debates.

    Newt has done well in Republican debates because he has bashed the media and slammed the president more, both things a large percentage of Republicans like to hear and are emotionally satisfied by. When Romney doesn’t do these things as much, some conclude he must be a moderate. He’s not. He’s a conservative who knows how to win the independents we need to get Obama out of the White House.

    SC Republicans did not come out of yesterday as being appearing wise; they are trading a few moments of emotional satisfaction for greatly increasing the chance of Obama winning another 4 years and all the damage that would accompany such a disastrous outcome. We’ve seen this movie before… it is Sharron Angle/Christine O’Donnell/Joe Miller all over again. Then again, perhaps this pathetic lack of focus for the long term view should not be all that surprising coming from the state that gave us the embarrassing Congressman Joe “You lie” Wilson.

    Fortunately, I think we will see that Republicans in other states are a bit more mature. Let’s hope so.

  18. Romney was thoroughly unimpressive in two debates this past week. He should have known the tax return issue would come up. Heck, even after the first debate he didn’t prepare for it for the second debate. I’m not sure what he was thinking.

  19. Sure, Romney mishandled the tax issue. Agreed.

    So because one of the frontrunners stated in a debate that he’d prefer to release his tax returns in April rather than right now, let’s nominate the other frontrunner who most swing voters find to be a disgusting and unstable human being and therefore has little chance of beating Obama. Got it.