That’s What Friends Are For?

Something to consider. And here we have to gameplay–there are no inuendos at all.

Let’s assume you had an affair 32 years ago while having been married to a woman born in 1936–at that time (1980) you had been married 18 years. This wife would be 76 years old today. Anyway, after divorcing this wife, who had cancer, you marry the affairee in 1980 and she is 22 years old–you are 37. Then in 1993 you have another affair with a woman 23 years younger while still married to wife #2 (As a point of interest, wife #2 was diagnosed with MS). You then divorce wife #2.

PLEASE understand me here–this is not about being judgemental to these happenings. My point is to ask a fair question.

Newt Gingrich has repeatedly used as his answer to wife #2′s allegations, that he has friends from that time who will vouch that things didn’t happen as wife #2 is saying. If your life had progressed as previously described, would you have shared your intimate details with your friends, remembering you are a very public person?

Newt can deal with his personal life. But don’t take me for a fool that he shared the intimate details of an affair and divorce with his friends–but if he did, I would prefer that he not be my candidate of choice for President of the USA. Remember, this is not about the events of Newt’s life. It is about what he is saying today to show that things happened differently then what others are claiming.


  1. Thanks. My thoughts exactly.