“Let the Audience Cheer”

The headline on Drudge right now is “Newt: Let the Audience Cheer”.

Why does Newt want the audience to be permitted to erupt in standing oviations?  The answer is simple:  because the choice before the GOP is one of emotion vs. reason. 

If every Republican in the country set aside emotion and just thought through the Newt vs. Romney choice, Newt would not win a single primary.  There is no way to go through the “Well, Newt has lots of ideas, but some of them are awful, he has been outwardly disloyal to the party, and he has shown glaring breaches of ethics in both his personal and private life….  Romney is rich and Mormon and not the most charsmatic candidate, but he has turned around the terrible MA economy, the Olympics, and numerous companies and has about as idyllic of a personal life as humanly possible” calculation and rationally choose Newt.

Therefore, Newt needs Republicans to get swept up in a sea of emotion that overwhelms their faculties of reason.  Standing ovations for bashing the media and the president.  Fresh red meat offered up willingly.  It is his only chance.

Now, this does not excuse Romney.  I wish Mitt had more emotional appeal, seemed more comfortable talking about his economic success, and would show anger at things that really ought be angering Americans.

But this is the hand we Republicans have been dealt.  And there is only one non-suicidal way for us to play it.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    I wholeheartedly agree.

  2. Rick in Mladison says:

    Could not agree more.

  3. Agreed. In his rhetoric against Romney and now with the emotion over substance thing Newt in using the playbook of the Left, well. In the end with the choice of 2 guys using the lefty playbook, Obama and Newt, people are just going to go with one they are used to which is Obama.

  4. I’ve already donated to Newt once and thinking about it again.

  5. Seems like an odd way to go about it. Why not just donate directly to Obama?

  6. J. Strupp says:

    “Standing ovations for bashing the media and the president.”

    You forgot minorities. More specifically, Mexicans and black people.

  7. Speaking of letting the audience cheer, I’m surprised Obama didn’t mention Mark Kirk. It would have been an easy way to get guaranteed applause from both sides of the platform.