Summarizing the collective Republican spirit

This article from The Wall Street Journal pretty much takes care of the matter.


  1. Stephens actually makes a similar point to the one I make in my post below when he says: “Voters instinctively prefer the idea of an entertaining Newt-Obama contest.”

    The implication is if you are thinking logically, you would never pick Newt. But if you pick the candidate based on emotion/being sufficently entertained, then you would.

    Here’s a clue: picking a leader of the free world based on the criteria of “which candidate would lead to the most entertaining debates that I would be excited to pop the popcorn and tune to watch 3 week-nights in October on prime time television (Almost like a reality series… wait, this is reality! Even better!)” is as foolish as it is narcissistic.

    If we think like that, then Stephens is definitely right… we do deserve to lose.

  2. The GOP should have had Scott Walker give their response to the SOTU. Obama talked about preventing layoffs of teachers. He talked the talk. Walker walked the walk (pun fully intended).