Birthers Unite!

Ok, I’m kidding, but darn. This is really fascinating, and who doesn’t enjoy a good conspiracy theory?

This is going on in a real court. Just wow.


  1. This was really fascinating. Maybe Club Gitmo will get a new resident.

  2. “Taitz takes the stand herself.” Of course she does.

    By the way, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  3. Oh come on. This is great stuff!

  4. “By the way, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

    For what? pointing out facts?

    I especially like this statement.

    “Professional opinion given that this number was fraudulent.”

    There’s more than one opinion on this ans they all reach the came conclusion.

    But hey, Obama is the fourth greatest president and working hard to retain America\’s strength. Why doesn’t everyone worship him like the Jim Spice does?

  5. @TerryN are you stalking me? At JSOnline you defend campaigning on the public dime, and here wasting the courts\’ time on goose chases. I get that we may disagree on policy, but I would hope that good process would be an inter-partisan ideal. Apparently not.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “Just wow” from a brain-dead cow.

    Get a job, douche-bag!

  7. Nah. It’s more fun to taunt you.

  8. jimspice – Not stalking, just crossing paths. Thank you for pointing out that I need to articulate my positions more succinctly as you missed both of my points.

    There is something very interesting about Obama’s SSN number. I hope there’s a credible explanation.