Winking at ethics

The big news this morning is that Darlene Wink, a former aide to now Governor Scott Walker, is turning state’s evidence in exchange for two misdemeanor charges in the growing political scandal. The news has Dems all over the state salivating that this might be the unraveling that finally reveals Scott Walker at the core. I doubt it. But who am I to deny a fantasy here or there?

No, what’s becoming apparent in this investigation, like the Jensen/Chvala mess of a decade ago, is that Wisconsin’s government – on both sides of the political divide – doesn’t turn an honest day’s work for Wisconsin taxpayers. And that’s my primary complaint. Oh, sure, the comments will be filled with a bunch of pointing fingers and foul expressions, but at the end of the day, taxpayers, join me in following the money.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are taken every year from your household budget to support a government that is so bloated workers can spend almost all their time campaigning.

I know the left gets mad at the right for arguing a need for smaller government. In reply I will ask, “This is what you have in mind?” From my own local city hall to the Governor’s office, and of course at the national level, our tax dollars support people who do nothing but make phone calls and send emails to stay elected. There is no possible way you can argue that is good for me as a taxpayer.

The issue of a good day’s work for a full day’s pay is one both sides of the aisle should embrace. The concept of reducing the cost of government by reducing payrolls in government is timely.

I feel cheated. It’s my money! I’d much rather it have been spent on the stupid pothole that took out a car tire last week.

This is embarrassing. It should be.


  1. “Everybody’s doing it,” is the defense that the six-year-old takes.

    There are 71 counties in Wisconsin where the county exec isn’t under the stinking cloud of investigation. There are thousands of elected officials–Republican, Democrat and otherwise–who aren’t stealing from the taxpayer. Some of those you list got caught; all but one got punished. That’s the way the system should work.

    Harry Truman said, “The buck stops here.” Scott Walker has said time and again, “I di’ent do nuffin’.”

    It stretches credulity to believe that Walker staffers were only working on Davis’ campaign. The next round of charges should be more fun than the last as Chisholm makes his way down the hall to the big office at the end.

  2. grumps – I didn’t feel I was defending it at all. I know it makes you feel better to make that accusation, but reconsider it, please.

    Also, is it too much to suggest you sit on your hands while this thing unfolds? Your giddy expectation is nauseating.

  3. I re-read my comment above and don’t see anything that directly points at you, Cindy. The first graf is a simple declarative sentence without accusation. Your fourth graf, though, makes that argument explicitly.

    As to my giddiness or lack thereof, I think you can look back at your earlier, “Nothing to see here,” post where I cautioned against doing a victory dance in the early innings. It’s gonna take a long time to get to the end of this messy string, and the only thing that could make me truly giddy would be seeing Scott J get snagged in it again somehow. The chances of that are pretty minuscule unless someone feels like tracking down Vos’ barroom braggadocio about vouchers.

    Walker has reached the point where he was either involved or negligent. I’m not sure that either of those is defensible at this stage of the game.

  4. Being from Illinois, nothing shocks me about politicians. Appointments are always political, and both parties do it. I tend to take Thomas Jefferson’s view about it. Sometimes it’s better to tolerate some graft rather than have a revolution every time some politician does something he or she shouldn’t. It’s when things get so fouled up (as they are in Illinois), that it becomes time to take action. I don’t think Wisconsin is at that point yet.

  5. And I will caution you as well. If Walker goes down, what do you gain except an “I told you so?” Hence my nothing-to-see-here sentiment.

    You know I run hot and cold on the guy. I have my own set of pay-to-play accusations in a post about a year ago. My recurring question to the left is why it’s so important to you to keep the hate alive.