Verify the Recall completes Wanggaard data entry

Shazam! An update this morning says the State Senator Van Wanggaard recall signatures are entered into the database. From their email:

Because many of our volunteers were anxious to get started and had time available over the weekend, Verify The Recall launched its efforts on Friday, January 27th by entering recall data for Wisconsin Senator Van Wanggaard.

In less than 48 hours, our volunteers successfully entered ALL data for the Van Wanggaard recall into the database multiple times over (to ensure accuracy of the data)! We can now begin the process of analyzing the data.

Democrats say they put forward 24,000 signatures.

I must say, I’m impressed. A complete database ready to be used for real analysis. That’s great.

If other verification groups want me to update your progress, just send me a note at cindy.kilkenny[at]

UPDATE! To search the database file go to Wanggaard’s site.