What if it’s Walker who doesn’t want the petitions released?

There’s this strange thing my brain does when it senses incongruent information. Things swirl around. It gets hazy. I have a hard time focusing on the easy tasks before me. You know that sound when a hard drive cranks and cranks and it slows down your computer? Yeah. It’s like that.

So after thinking about it in the background for a couple of hours, all I still have is the question:

What if it’s Walker who doesn’t want the recall petitions released?

I simply can not resolve the details that the Walker campaign reportedly has the petitions scans on disk, but that they want to be the ones doing the verification instead of an independent volunteer group.

No doubt you’ve heard me argue before that something keeps Walker from being great. Maybe it’s this odd desire for constant control? Why would the campaign solicit volunteers only to work on the campaign’s behalf and deny access for other volunteer groups? Electronic copies were delivered to Walker.

Help me think this one through, but my intuition says something is up here.


  1. Cindy

    With The DA’s recent arrests, Any thought that we are at the point where we at least need to consider running a GOP alternative to Walker in Recall?

  2. Oh, no. I don’t think so at all. This is Walker’s recall. He’s the Republican candidate all the way through. It would surprise me greatly if there were anything other than that strings-connecting-photos-in-the-garage association between Walker and the mess.

  3. I can’t imagine any reason why the Walker campaign wouldn’t want them released. I think it’s a ver good question to ask why they don’t just do it themselves, but my guess is that they’re afraid of being sued for disclosing them.

  4. Fred (RDW) says:

    For the record, that first Fred was not me… And no, this is NOT Walker’s doing in any way.

    If Walker did not want them released the GAB would trip over themselves releasing them.

    Just listen to the bloviating from the left on this and you know it is not Walker.

  5. Thanks Fred (RDW) for the clarification.

    Locke – doesn’t pass the smell test. Public is public. It doesn’t matter who releases them.

  6. I don’t know in this case – but “public is public” most certainly is not true in all cases. People make that argument all the time when they copy things from a web page.

    Imagine the Walker campaign releases them on their own. And some jack wagon does something stupid using the names/addresses.

    There are at least some plausible reasons for them to not release it and to want to force the GAB to do so – like it has for the other 13 recalls.

    I’ve not heard anything even remotely plausible to explain why they wouldn’t. Maybe Walker’s mom & dad signed it and they don’t want people to know. That’s as good of reason as you’ve provided.

  7. I should add however – by all means, someone should contact the Walker Admin/Campaign and get someone on the record to answer this question of why they haven’t/won’t do it themselves.

  8. Copying from a web page is copyright, not a public document.

    It doesn’t matter who does what with them. They are public documents and were the moment they were submitted.

    And yes, absolutely. Why isn’t Walker’s campaign on the record in this matter? Things that make you go hmmmm…

  9. More evidence for my theory:

    The Wisconsin Republican Party says thousands of volunteers are pouring over recall petitions against governor Scott Walker.

    The party set up 13 stations across the state to review the signatures including one in La Crosse.

    The state party is not allowing any camera’s inside during the process, but they say about ten volunteers in La Crosse have been working since Saturday. More than 6,000 volunteers have signed up statewide.

    Volunteers are reviewing these documents in a Republican office in LaCrosse. Someone else is seeing them. Why not everyone?

    And here’s a comment from some guy named Henry.

    This past weekend I spent 12 hours perusing recall petitions for Wisconsin’s Governor Walker. It was my job to verify the signatures of the petitions.

    So they aren’t available to the public and Walker looks golden, but they are available and being reviewed by Walker and state republicans. He wins both ways. But why would he prefer to keep them close to the chest?

    Here’s another account from Waukesha County.

  10. Astute question (to be expected on this blog).

    I’m reading lots of Walker supporters claiming to have found (as volunteers) or heard (as talk radio listeners or blog readers) that thousands upon thousands of signatures on the petitions are illegal — because of reasons that do not make them illegal at all, according to instructions on the recall form (easily found online).

    That suggests that Walker’s legal team could face a huge task if handed a massive number of signatures to weed through to find those that ought to be challenged, and lawyers will cost Walker’s campaign a lot with every hour. So perhaps this could be a reason for curbing the enthusiasm of ill-informed Walker fans who will only add to the costly task for Walker’s team?

    Or there is the scenario that the fans’ Verify the Recall site and others will come up with some massive number in the hundreds of thousands of signatures that the ill-informed will consider illegal, and then they will be furious when Walker’s team challenges and wins on far fewer signatures?

    So there’s the legal costs disaster and the potential PR disaster as possibilities to support your intriguing theory. Thoughts?

  11. Gee, thanks. 😉

  12. It makes sense that Walker and WisGOP wouldn’t be the ones releasing the petitions. There’s no good reason for them to share with any group they can’t nominally control. The vigilante stupidity on the JS Check the Checkers site shows why they will keep them close.

    All of this is fed by voyeurism. Documents can be public without being searchable on the Internet, but Americans are lazy and want their information in suppository form for easy assimilation. Therefore, we get this unseemly clamor for Internet publication and an appeal to JBvH that smacks of Sanhedrin supplications to Pilate. JB washes his hands and says, “Do what you will,” and the circus continues.

    He’s got to be fed up with the uproar in the Capitol himself. You can’t imagine that this is the way he saw his path to the big office going.

    Just something that we all should be able to agree on–well, not-not-fred. He wouldn’t agree on anything. Can we agree that the WKBT newswriter that thinks anyone is pouring over the petitions should be fired?