Trump to endorse Romney

And Trump isn’t one to make a call without properly reading the tea leaves. Time will tell if it’s helpful to Romney.

Trump’s seal of approval is not without risk for Romney. When Trump toyed with a candidacy of his own last spring, his popularity was fueled by questioning President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, an issue Romney has steadfastly avoided.

Reid wrote it. Go read it for yourself.


  1. Nope. Sorry. Reid must be wrong. FOX News said he was endorsing Gingrich. I only believe what I hear on FOX.

  2. BrkfldDad says:

    Beltway scuttlebutt has it that The Donald told Gingrich he was endorsing him as late as yesterday, then flipped. I bet Donald and his hair don’t agree, so there’s been some mental wrestling match the last 24 hours. Maybe The Donald was for Gingrich before he was against him 🙂

  3. Why is this noteworthy?

  4. @jimspice, actually it was CNN who went public with inside information yesterday that Trump was endorsing Gingrich.

  5. KPOM, very well could be, but I wouldn’t believe it. Only if FOX says it. And they did.