R.I.P. Harry Franke

Beloved Milwaukee personality Harry Franke died over the weekend. If you knew Harry, no doubt your heart broke just a little reading that.

I don’t get all mushy about a lot of people, but Harry deserves it. I didn’t know him well – he’s a Rotary compatriot of the spouse’s – but let me explain:

When I think of how I’d like to be remembered someday, Harry Franke is first in my mind as an example.

The obituary link above tells you a little, but there’s more. Harry Franke called the house every year for years on the spouse’s birthday to wish him a great day and leave a little historical fact. Every year.

Harry and his wife Mary have put many, many students through college. They’d pick one and start the process, having four or five at a time they were supporting. One of the young ladies I met was headed to medical school.

It was physically impossible to stand next to Harry Franke and be grumpy. He’s probably one of two people I’ve met in my life who had that kind of aura.

I am so sorry for the family’s, and Milwaukee’s, loss. We all need to be Harry. Every day. He will be missed.