Whereby the youngest debuts a blog

She’s some kid. I do not claim responsibility for what comes out of her fingers.

Ensueños Porteños

(Yes, we shipped her off on Sunday. It’s why I’ve been a little quiet.)


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    I guess it would be appropriate to comment on that thing about the apple and the tree, but what I sense more is motherhood and pride just nosing out envy.

  2. “nosing out envy” Smarty pants. Yes. I would probably enjoy the experience as well, I’m sure.

    Actually, the blog is a classroom assignment for a couple of credit hours she is accumulating. I think it’s a great idea as it will provide a good chronicle of her time in South America.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    What an awful tragedy in Buenos Aires. Glad your’s is okay but I suspect there were anxious moments for mom while on the road.

  4. Yes, but thanks to the power of the internet it was only about 30 seconds. I saw the headlines, switched to Facebook, found a post of hers within the last couple of hours, and sighed heavily.

    Such sadness, though. The train systems there are a mess I’m told. I suppose this will just add to the resolve that something must be done to solve it all.