Why do women need insurance to pay for contraception?

No doubt even if you’ve lived under a rock the last week, you’ve still heard about the struggle between Obama’s Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and the Catholic church over mandated contraception coverage.

I have so many ideas on this particular issue I’m about to sound as crazy as all those others have claimed. But, I’m all coffeed up this morning, so let’s give it a try, shall we?

1) Why is contraception so expensive that insurance coverage is necessary? An easy, reliable form of the practice such as the pill should only be costing about $5 a month. I’ve mentioned before that I know a nice young conservative woman who jogs down to her local Planned Parenthood to score a version that’s $10 a month. This stuff has been around forever. It should cost about the same as a generic bottle of ibuprofen. Who is the Obama administration propping up to demand that employers contract with insurers to contract with – oh, that’s it – the pharmaceutical companies to guarantee a steady customer base at contracted prices instead of market prices.

Put your head in the sunshine America. We have an insurance and pharmaceutical problem in this country, not a healthcare problem.

2) Dear Catholic church: get over yourself. While I admire your conviction to preach this issue from the pulpit for the last month or so, you also did the same to pass Obamacare a couple of years ago.

I must be sooooo much smarter than the rest of you because I knew inherent in that decision was a consequence like this one.

Call me. We’ll talk.

3) While we’re at it, I’ll confess yet again I have all the true markings of a cafeteria Catholic. I have said for years that when the Pope pops three kids we can talk about why I chose to use birth control at the risk of excommunication.

4) Speaking of excommunication, why would I even worry when folks like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and even Sebelius are still piously standing before priests and bishops and even the Pope to receive communion? I guess in the grand scheme of things, managing my fertility was peanuts at a three-ringed circus, huh?

5) There have been some interesting opinions on this subject. Two Wisconsin-based writings that caught my eye:

The Frog and the Crocodile by Shoebox at No Runny Eggs,


Obama’s birth control mandate is shrewd political calculus by the Recess Supervisor at Playground Politics.

Oh, and of course GOP candidates like Mitt Romney have stumped it, too.

(Ok. Fine. Those blog links were both by anonymous males. I’m rolling my eyes now.)

6) It appears the administration is backing down somewhat negating the Recess Supervisor’s argument above.

Rant over. Go have yourself a good Friday.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    An “accommodation” is coming from the White House. Color it what you will it is going to be another ‘backing down’ or saying uncle by an administation so inept we have come to expect this as business as usual. Their amateurish attempts to codify policies and life choices are instituted on beltway and elitist ideas and attitudes, never mind the people and the Constitution. AG’s across the country are ready to challenge this mandate on constitutional–not medical–grounds. The WH has heard these footsteps and suddenly remembered it’s leap year–seems something else occurs every leap year. If the WH crowd and the left really believe so strongly in their convictions on this mandate, stand on those beliefs and fight for your cause. I predict they will not.

    The ineptness most likely continues.

  2. The issue isn’t even really the cost, but the predictability. Birth Control bills are a regular expense which can be budgeted for, and therefore should not need to be covered by insurance. I predict that people’s insurance will increase by the exact cost of the birth control pill plus the cost of the additional paperwork.

    So in essence, this is simply a cash transfer from employers to employees in the form of birth control pills.

  3. The Catholic Church has been “asking for it” for decades. Why did they think that once the government controlled health care that they wouldn’t run roughshod over religious beliefs. If ObamaCare is upheld can’t wait for one of two outcomes: 1) A future Democratic administration requires Catholic hospitals to perform abortions in order to be eligible for insurance coverage, or 2) a future GOP Congress/Administration requires hospitals to stop performing abortions/providing birth control in order to be eligible for coverage.

    Maybe once “liberals” see conservatives using their crowning achievement as a weapon against them, they will finally see the folly of letting the government control health care.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    Our President has announced his accommodation on this issue. I’m sure all have seen or heard his declaration that this issue is simply solved by him dictating through HHS that the insurance companies will have to pay for the mandated costs. Beyond the First Amendment, beyond the legal implications, and beyond the logistic nightmare this creates, did anyone tell the President many of the institutions and organizations he referenced in his accommodation are–self-insured.

    This is super-sized ineptness.

  5. See also: http://norunnyeggs.com/2012/02/peek-a-boo-america/

    and the Conference of Catholic Bishops response: http://usccb.org/news/2012/12-026.cfm

  6. Waukesha Mom says:

    according to the Planned Parenthood site –

    the pills are between 15 and 50 dollars per month.