Selective Memory

Watch this short video from CNN’s Sunday Show “State of the Union” as the White House Chief of Staff, Jack Lew, also the former director of the OMB, tells us why the Senate has not passed a budget in over 1,000 days.

Rather than use the old standby that it’s Bush’s fault Lew decided to blame the Republicans in the Senate. He failed to mention that for about 700 of those days the Democrats had control of both houses of Congress.

And even I remember the tactic the Obama administration used to pass Obamacare. Recall how they couldn’t meet the 60 votes necessary in the Senate to override the filibuster rule for standard legislation so they changed their tactic and called Obamacare a budget bill. They did this because any budget bill only requires 51 votes to pass in the Senate. As director of OMB I would have to believe Mr. Lew came across this requirement at some point during his tenure there. I guess he just forgot.

His answer, I suspect, sounds good to those who support his administration. Only it’s not true–and it’s either a downright lie or the Obama White House Chief of Staff continues the ineptness of this administration in it’s attempt to govern and provide leadership. I personally do not believe Mr. Lew to be lying.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    In the spirit of cooperation to the Obama administration I have sent an email to the President’s new “Truth Team”:

    This new site is designed so we can report directly to the Obama administration, which in turn will correct any of the lies that are out there.
    The contents of my email reflect what was outlined above concerning Jack Lew’s recent comments. This new Obama site parallels AttackWatch and other snitch sites because we are too stupid to really know the truth :

    This administration’s actions should be required reading for all first year psychology students as an intro to paranoia. If I were a Democrat I would be embarrassed.

  2. The GOP also has selective memory. Apparently they forgot what happened when they overreached in 1995 and handed Bill Clinton easy re-election in 1996. They are doing the same now, and it is all but inevitable that Obama will cruise to victory over whichever lackluster candidate survives the GOP primary.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’m not sure what you mean by overreaching but Bob Dole couldn’t hold a candle to either Romney or Santorum. And contrary to the popular belief that Obama can walk on water he’s no Clinton. The old saying ‘you can only make a first impression one time’ certainly applies to Obama even though he is constantly trying to prove otherwise.

    It ain’t going to be a walk in the park but Obama is very beatable. Tim Kaine, former Virginia governor, former head of the Democratic Party, and very early Obama supporter is running for the Senate here and when Obama made a recent 2 day run through the state Kaine was nowhere to be seen. In a recent debate with his rival George Allen, Kaine hardly mentioned Obama. I say this to illustrate how the wind has changed direction here in just one critical election state.

    Sure, the Rebublicans have to do their part but it’s very doable to beat Obama. There are already thousands of anti-Obama signs at intersections and in towns and cities throughout America. Every time a potential voter fills their car with gas and pays about twice what they paid when Obama was elected sends a subliminal message. Many of these people may not vote Republican-they may not even vote at all.

    We’ll see.

  4. On Nov. 4th, 2008, voters were not paying almost twice what they are paying today for gas. Thanks.

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    I don’t understand your comment Strupp. My comment is that gas has about doubled since Obama was inaugurated. I did say elected so if we take that date gas is up 170 %. Or put another way in November 2008 it cost $41.40 to fill a 20 gallon vehicle–today it costs $70.40 to fill that same tank. For this one vehicle that’s roughly a $1,000 reduction in real annual income.

  6. “My comment is that gas has about doubled since Obama was inaugurated”

    You wrote elected. And you can read your own comment back.

    National gas prices averaged $2.398 on Nov. 4th. Your source reflects gas prices from 2 weeks after Nov. 4th and the week prior.

    National gas prices are $3.52 today. That’s about 68% increase not double.

    Of course none of this matters because gas was over 4 bucks/gallon pre- finanicial meltdown which caused the collapse in prices anyway.

    Ironically, the title of this post is Selective Memory.

  7. @Randy, Obama is over 50% approval in the Rasmussen poll. Given how bad the economy is, and how slow the jobs growth has been, not to mention how unpopular every one of Obama’s legislative achievements have been, the fact that he is anywhere near 50%, let alone above water, is astounding and a sign of how weak the opposition is.

    The 2012 presidential election is over. Obama is going to be re-elected. The only questions are whether the GOP will retain the House and win the Senate. Up until a few months ago, I was somewhat confident that Obamacare would be overturned, but now I’m almost certain it will be upheld. Unfortunately, the Constitution is just mere words on a piece of paper that don’t mean anything anymore.

    OWS has had a profound impact, as has the overreach of the social conservatives (who have been on the wrong side of every social issue since 1965). The GOP is going to go nowhere until they purge the religious right and force them back into the statist Democratic party where they belong. Santorum is more of a Democrat than Bill Clinton, and as long as his ilk is poisoning the GOP, the party is doomed to irrelevance.

  8. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’ve never thought my beliefs, even if in the minority of polls, means I’m on the wrong side. My convictions are not based on what others believe. For one, I would consider Obamacare a major social issue and most every poll at the time of it’s passage showed a majority of Americans opposed to it’s overall passage. Did the elections in 2010 not happen?

  9. @Randy, Obamacare is an economic issue, not a social issue. Here’s what I mean by social issues:

    Science/Evolution – It’s no accident that the religious right is the last bastion of creationists. Sorry, the world wasn’t created 6000 years ago, and it took more than a week for man to evolve.

    Gay marriage – 30 years from now we will all wonder what the fuss was all about (just as we all look in disbelief that interracial marriage was once illegal). At the end of the day, civil marriage is simply a special kind of contract. It doesn’t harm your heterosexual marriage if a same-sex couple gets the same legal benefits.

    Santorum is on record stating that women who are raped should “accept the gift of human life” if they get pregnant. Sorry, that’s morally reprehensible. He’s also on record saying that SOPA is OK because our rights are limited.

    The last social issue the GOP was unequivocally on the “right” side of was civil rights for African Americans in 1964. While the Civil Rights Act itself was highly flawed on economic grounds, it had the right social position.

    The Pat Robertsons and Rick Santorums of the world do immense harm to the cause of limited government.

  10. Randy in Richmond says:

    Okay, let’s nitpick Strupp. I used averages a few days removed and if you pick specific days the percentages and amounts will vary because of the volatility of gas prices. I already said I used elected instead of inaugurated so I don’t need you to point it out a second time. And the post title is not ironic as it refers to what the Chief of Staff of the White House of the United States said, which is 100% wrong, on 2 different occasions on national newscasts. If you want to equate what we bloggers say here to what the Chief of Staff of the US White House says on national media, well, thank you very much.

    And further nitpicking, I totally agree with your comment #4 even though it, ironically, does not convey what you were attempting to say.

  11. Randy in Richmond says:

    Socialized medicine is certainly an economic issue but I would also consider it a social issue as it affects most every American. Ronald Reagan was on what you classify the “wrong” side of issues and captured 49 of 50 states in the 1984 election. When his candidacy for President was first discussed it was widely laughed at and concluded idiotic. I’m not comparing any of today’s candidates to Reagan the person but your reasoning is just that-yours.

    And your time frames for creation were beliefs developed when the world was flat. When that link between man and animals that is missing in evolution is discovered then we can talk about that. Many believe that link is a higher power who had a hand in all of it. Just as many believe it morally reprehensible to take any innocent life. I respect your opinions and we can agree to disagree on some of them.

  12. Randy in Richmond says:

    Sometimes during the night Drudge joined the conversation. His link uses an 83% increase in gas prices.

  13. Randy in Richmond says:

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