Recall numbers and links

I am lazy, lazy, lazy today. Yes, I realize that isn’t news to most of you. But, I’ll plop up a few links for you to peruse while I continue the process of pulling it together.

1) You might enjoy the website There’s some cute stuff there. (And yes, I checked, the registry info is protected.)

2) These are the latest Walker signature numbers from Verify the Recall. How fascinating these numbers don’t show enough signatures to trigger a recall. (I do hope you properly read the sarcasm into my words. After all they, have to keep the tension high to stay relevant.)

3) Walker won’t be challenging anything regarding the recall signatures. I’m trying to decide if this is to let Verify the Recall drag out the process or if it’s to get the final recall election by the end of May. Maybe you can help me think this one through.

4) Democrats are still whining about all that money Walker has raised.

Scott Walker has raised millions of unregulated, unlimited campaign cash ostensibly for the purposes of challenging the recall and instead has used it on television ads in another act of blaring dishonesty.

It’s quite laughable, don’t you think? There are no restrictions on how that money can be spent.

Do you know that one time years ago I called the GAB and asked if it was cool a certain local legislator used his campaign account to buy $500 a plate gala tickets for him and his wife and cover his tux rental. I was told absolutely it was fine. It was assumed he was campaigning during the event.


So you see, what Democrats in this state have done is supplement Scott Walker’s lifestyle for years to come.

Imagine the whining mileage they’ll get out of that!


  1. Let me help you with #3 . There is really nothing to challenge.

  2. That doesn’t mean he couldn’t try if he wanted to do so… You kind of dodged my question, but ok. 🙂

  3. He did try and even got an extension, then realized that he could get more mileage out of just saying there was massive fraud instead of actually trying to prove it.

  4. Any thoughts on the PPP polls that show a close race, with Falk actually winning right now? PPP was pretty accurate last year, so that would be concerning if they are accurate. Barrett would be tolerable, but Falk would be a disaster for Wisconsin. You might as well rename the state “Illinois North” and prepare yourself for a big tax hike if she wins.

  5. Interesting. I’ll have to go dig around for it. Do you have a link?

    (Never mind. Found it. )

  6. Just curious what you base your “falk would be a disaster” on?

  7. Someone handpicked by the unions who promises to roll back last year’s very effective budget fixing bill would be disastrous for the state. Look only one state to the south. Even after a 66% across the board income tax hike, Illinois is still struggling to pay bills on time and is slashing already-starved social and public safety programs. The main culprits are underfunded pensions and overly generous benefits.

  8. Very interesting…

    Still won’t change Act 10, etc., so I’m not sure if it matters that much. Falk winning? Nah. But Barrett’s showing was strong.

    I get the sense that people around here are tired of everyone being (sorry for this word choice) pissed off. I think some of that is starting to cling to Walker.

  9. Yes Act10 has been wildly successful….in Bizarro WIsconsin

  10. What? You disagree that it’s been a useful change?

  11. Well duh

  12. Even with a party switch at Executive and Senate, of which I’m about 80% confident, the nutjob legies will keep any rollback from occurring at least ’til next year, and likely 3 years. I don’t know, MAYBE they can be convinced take back some “tools” if Democrats agree to support keeping others in place. I for one, would be perfectly happy keeping the cheaper insurance plans in place. I mean, do you know a single liberal that will not admit in private that unions do some perfectly SCREWY things — those old plans being a fine example? Those changes, however, could have been made with a carrot, instead of a 20 lb. club.

    I’m convinced that our state’s failure to keep pace with the recovery others have enjoyed is almost entirely due to the fact that investors are unwilling to place their eggs in a basket facing such obvious uncertainty — both in fragile political power structures facing increasing opposition, but more so the uncertain nature of the future of education at all levels in our state due to Mr. Walker’s apparent disdain. An educated populace is the number one factor ACTUALLY considered by job creators in choosing location, and that’s where (D) have the upper hand.

    Oh, and the penchant to return federal dollars. Has anyone kept a running tally of what we’ve sent back so far? THAT could have had a real impact on recover.

  13. I agree that the political uncertainty brought on by the recall effort is hurting Wisconsin’s business climate, but I’m always hearing about how far superior our union teachers are compared to those hicks down south by WEAC supporters. Why is the business climate so far superior, say in Texas, than it is here if education is so important for business growth?

  14. Oh its a Democratic poll. Ok I\’ll ignore it. They over sampled democrats by 2% and no way 29% percent of the people in this state consider themselves a liberal which is one of the questions asked. That goes against every poll of poitical ideology I\’ve ever seen. But look for this I\’m predicting polls are going to try to show Walker losing support as the election nears. Falk Beating Walker? What is she going to honestly run on? I say schedule the election asap but after the colleges let out for the summer and with them thousands of democratic trending students that really live in other states during the summer.

  15. Texas is far superior how exactly?

    In terms of what Falk runs on, how about her record. In a blind test of her record in Dane County V Walkers Milwaukee County record….Falk wins hands down….

    I get that its not a blind test and that there are people that will never vote for a woman but thats ok….there are plenty of people who will

  16. Interesting idea as to the timing of the election, Patrick. Thanks.

    Jeff Simpson, you’ve started talking stupidly. Again. If Falk loses it’s because she’s a woman. Good grief.

  17. No thats not what I said Cindy. I said if you looked at the two candidates objectively no one in their right mind would vote for Walker….except maybe tonette

  18. Oh, I see. So now you say half of Wisconsin is not in their right minds. Oh well. At least you’ll have good company.

  19. Now your trying to twist it. Patrick asdked what does Falk have to run on and I correctly pointed out that she is a far superior candidate to scott walker…..its that simple. So she can run on her actual credentials….

  20. As she has in the past. 🙂

  21. This poll seems skewed. I doubt that 29% of Wisconsin households have a union member. And did Obama win Wisconsin by a 12% margin?

    Who did you vote for President in 2008?
    John McCain 40%
    Barack Obama 52%
    Someone else/Don’t remember

  22. How exactly is Falk’s record in Dane superior to Walker’s in Milwaukee? Note the two counties are not directly comparable (different demographics). Also, Falk has the advantage of a friendly county board, while Walker was a GOP executive in a largely Democratic county.

    In any case, it’s plainly obvious that Falk takes her marching orders from the unions, and will do as she’s told. I’m not sure Wisconsin is ready to become a dictatorship of the teachers’ unions.


    Hello Scott Walker

    Hello Scott David Koch here…..

  24. Jeff, thanks for finishing this discussion by reminding us just how disingenuous Democrats in this state can be to get what they want. We need to remember that every day.

    KPOM – good effort, but just remember logic fails in every instance with certain crowds. 🙂

    Jerry – excellent observations! Thanks.

  25. Cindy your making n0 sense…

    it is logical for people to say that we would be a dictatorship to teacher’s unions when WMC and the kochs have gotten everything they have asked for and more????

  26. @Jeff, what, exactly did Walker promise “Koch” on the fake call? “Liberals” like you act like shrill fanatics about the Koch brothers, yet turn a blind eye when people like Democratic fundraiser Jon Corzine either were so incompetent or dishonest that they “misplaced” $1.6 billion of client cash.

    The Koch brothers are successful businessmen who, like many businessmen on both sides of the aisle, lobby and raise money for candidates. There is no evidence they do anything illegal (unlike George Soros of, who is a convicted felon who made his billions partly by manipulating currencies).

    Falk won the endorsement of several high profile unions before any other Democrat even announced. That seems like a pretty clear message that they see her as their shill. The obvious choice for Democrats if they are looking for electability is Barrett, who narrowly lost last time and has more potential appeal to independents.

  27. I think the biggest risk that Walker has is that the allegations either have some merit or are perceived as having some merit. The poll, while from a respected organization, does need to be taken into context. The president is enjoying a mini boom while the GOP presidential nominating contest is dragging on. Plus, Obama was in the state recently. Having said that, it does show that Walker will need to get the message out and make sure that his supporters are enthused enough to come out to vote whenever the election winds up happening. The public sector unions are fighting for their lives, and thus are dangerous in that regard.

  28. None of you have dared to mention the name that will ultimately win the election for the Democrats: John Doe.

  29. Well another two weeks and it will be obvious the investigation is being timed to do the most damage to Walker. That could backfire.

  30. Yeah, sure am glad Chisolm is on our side. 😉