A Review of “Promises, Promises”

I enjoy a good laugh as much as anyone but when I heard what President Obama said yesterday about Newt’s promise to lower the price of gas to $2.50 per gallon I couldn’t control myself. The President said this:

“The next time you hear some politician trotting out some three-point plan for $2 gas, you let ’em know, we know better,”… “Tell ’em we’re tired of hearing phony, election year promises that never come about.”

Really. Let’s review some of the promises then Senator Barack Obama made while running for President:

There will be no raise in taxes of any kind for families making under $250,000.

The debate on any proposed healthcare legislation will be shown fully on CSPAN.

Doubling the size of the Peace Corps.

That within a year of taking office he would require a conversion to an all plug-in fleet of vehicles at the White House.

That he would raise the minimum wage to $9.50 per hour by 2011.

He would close Guantanamo Bay detention center within a year of taking office. If you need a link for this go read another web site.

He would require employers to provide 7 paid sick days per year.

He would double the amount of federal funding for cancer research. Funding for the National Cancer Institute was around $4.8 billion a year before Obama took office. In the president‚ÄĚs most recent budget, the National Cancer Institute was budgeted for $5.196 billion.

Reduce earmarks to the 1994 level.

Support retuning a human to the moon by 2020.

Ending income taxes for seniors making under $50,000.

He would allow and support imported prescription drugs.

Allow 5 days of public comment before signing any legislation.

Remember, these are not general “I will lower taxes” or “I will create jobs” or “I will fight pollution” promises–these are specific as to content and intent.

There are others, lots of them. These come easily to mind. And you’re right Mr. President, we are tired of hearing phony election year promises that never come about.


  1. Randy, that was great. Thanks for taking the time to remind us that there’s more empty rhetoric out Obama’s current term than there are accomplishments.