AWOL, but figuring it out

Ok, here’s the problem: Once again I’m tired of politics. There’s a reason! I talk about politics all the time right now. All of my conversations with friends are national or state discussions. I mean (and sorry guys) at this point if Brad Pitt sat across from me and suggested we hook up I’d demand an explanation on his post-Katrina comments first. And that’s probably all we’d get around to doing. 😉

One friend in particular has been demanding that I figure out what I’m going to do with my life post-children. Another is wondering why I’m not writing here. And then there are all of you kind people who show up here day after day looking for a diversion.

So here’s step one of figuring it out.

The blog stays. I’m not running away this time. I’ve tried that in the past and it never worked anyway.

I will write twice a week. Every Tuesday before midnight you will find a post on a national topic; every Thursday there will be one up on Wisconsin. Other people will still be here, too, to give their take on things, but it’ll be hit and miss. And as always, you are welcome to give us your own opinion in the comments.

Thinking it through in the shower this morning that seems like the best arrangement for now. We have a relationship here, and I’ve been letting you down a bit. This way you know what to expect for a while, and I have taken the pressure off myself for the next few months.

Deal? Good. Because I’ve already decided. 🙂