Etch A Lie

Recently on MSNBC guest host Karen Finney, a Democratic strategist, accused Rush Limbaugh of calling then candidate Barack Obama a “magic negro“. She then linked this statement and statements from Republican candidates to the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida. Ms. Finney is a lier. I challenge Ms. Finney or anyone else to produce a legitimate source that Rush is credited with making that statement.

However, here is a statement that Ms. Finney did make herself. She said we Republicans “liked Herman Cain because he is a black man who knows his place“. I didn’t know that is why I like Herman Cain. If you wish you can view Ms. Finney saying that here:

Oh heck. I’ll make it easy. You can go here and see who really did call then candidate Barack Obama a “Magic Negro”.


  1. It might be a good idea to take a look at wikipedia before you write such easily falsifiable posts.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    I only look at Wikipedia for birth dates and name spelling. Reporting on, making fun of, writing about, singing about, parodying, telling jokes about, being sarcastic about, talking about, blogging about, etc. things other people say or write is not the same as originally saying or writing it. You have falsified nothing.

  3. J. Strupp says:

    What are you trying to tell me? That political strategists are a bunch of liars?


  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    You’re welcome . But actually my point is the tie to the Trayvon Martin shooting.